Friday , October 22 2021

Unhealthy diet on the body's edge


Tezel, sivil Acne, oil on the skin of oil production to increase fat and inflammation that settled on the surface of the skin is acne. It is often seen in puberty and region, face, back and shoulders. Acne treatment can increase the sun's sensitivity or the drugs used can cause skin dryness

In order to avoid dry skin, Dr. Fulya Tezel noted that the skin was found after the treatment of acne.

Dr. Fulya Tezel, the causes and treatment of acne formation, said: Cilt There may be many causes of acne formation, one of the most common skin disorders. The first of these reasons, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, is adolescence. At the time the hormones are unstable, the androgen hormone increases, causing the development of sebaceous glands and excessive sebum production, causing the skin to appear bright and greasy.

Another cause of acne is unhealthy eating, in a study conducted at the University of Colorado, New Guinea's people who consume low-carbohydrate nutrients generally have no acne problems while in North America and Western Europe there are 15 20 years 80%, 25% and over 50% of acne problems appear. The other important factor is skin structure and genetics. Research shows that acne formation is more common in oily or large porous skin.

Other factors that affect the formation of acne can be referred to as excessive nerve and suffer from anxiety, smoking, polycystic ovary syndrome and intense cosmetic use.


It is also possible to suppress the activity of acne oil glands and treat it with the drug and cream that prevents the formation of black and white inflammatory spots called kodones, as well as laser treatment. In laser treatment, skin is peeled off dead cells and causes excessive fatty appearance, resulting in contraction of sebaceous glands causing acne formation.

Before starting treatment, the severity of acne and the type of skin treatment should be selected. Unprocessed acne can leave traces on the skin and cause troublesome problems. So if you suffer from your pimples, consult a dermatologist without delay

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