Friday , May 14 2021

Two games worth 86 TL were free at Epic Store


Epic Games Store, free game continues its campaigns without slowing down. This week’s total prices 86 TL Two different games were free. You can add free Elite Dangerous and The World Next Door games to your library next week.

This week’s wonderful game, of course Dangerous elite dead. Multiplayer space simulation Elite Dangerous, especially on PC in a very lively community owner. Attracting attention with its visual quality, Elite Dangerous starts the game with a small spaceship and over time In the galaxy of our Galaxy you are trying to enlarge your name. In the process, you can buy impressive and interesting spaceships and do a variety of trade, piracy, galaxy exploration and mining. The “open world” of the Elite Dangerous Galaxy contains a vibrant economy, war zones, and even mysterious alien threats.

For Elite Dangerous Principles 2021 A large expansion pack will be released. The package called Elite Dangerous: Odyssey brings hundreds of new features to the game. Now is the time to enter the Elite Dangerous universe before this important update.

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The other game this week will be The World Next Door. Explanation for the game:

“Inspired by the emotional narrative and thrilling action of anime and indie games, The World Next Door tells the story of Jun, a revolutionary teenager far from home in the magical and mysterious world of Emrys. Jun meets colorful creatures who “They do not belong to this world. He must learn to trust his new friends to return home before he is full.”

Elite Dangerous ve The World Next Door was in you From Epic Games Store You can get it and install it on your computer with the help of Epic Game Launcher. campaign On November 26, 19:00 it will end. The games that the Epic Games Store will offer for free next week have also been announced: Mudrunner.



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