Tunç Soyer announces polls and a crazy draft


CHP Deputy Chair Tunç Soyer spoke with Özlem Gürses from Sözcü. Soyer, a candidate of the PMF Izmir, who turned Seferhishar into a sample of a city, said he would get 57 percent of the vote.

Stating that it is not difficult to manage Smyrna, said Soyer, maz As soon as I sit in the presidency, I will work for the prosperity of Smyrna,

Turkey's countdown for local elections, polls in the research published fairly more Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir are about … CHP fortress known as candidate for the presidency of Smyrna Tunca we met with Soyer … every step of his candidacy ATF campaign is Tunç Soyer major message messages

– Do you say – Love with Love -? What do you say, this job?

I am still convinced that I will win and I am sure.

– Smyrna is already considered to be the castle of CHP. How many votes will you be successful?

Research companies show 57 percent, I will try to get it. We can do that.


– What do you consider to be your party's limit of success? If the CHP municipalities that received them went better in Turkey?

It would not be that easy to say a date. Because we have to look at some things at the same time. The results of the previous local elections, the results of the presidential election, the results of the previous general elections … Therefore, can not be said today.

– Are you angry with your party for this nomination process? How are you and Aziz Kocaoglu?

We work with Aziz Kocaoğlu. No, I'm not at all angry or angry at my party.

– Suppose you have been selected for some reason, for example security. The President has appointed you to take office

Everything is possible in this new system. But I think Smyrna does not deliver me. Smyrna does not leave us birch


– And if you did not, you would have to steal Mr Erdoğan's door on a subject for Smyrna.

Of course I will go, and I will sleep in front of everyone's door for Smyrna. I do not eat Smyrna's right. I will sit in this seat and will not give anything that is right in Smyrna. I wash the world.

– Although you were with Muharrem Ince in Odemis, you did not put two pictures in the area. Is there a specific reason for this decision?

I was very happy that Muharrem İnce was there that day. There is never any particular attitude. It was only on that day that we were in a choice of multiple stations. Social media friends have given more priority to other activities. Believe there is no intention. I was very happy to have.


– Who does your election campaign?

Do. (Laughs.)

– What; Does not it give you a team?

I started working with the headquarters organization. After that, I think we will get the benefit. We have many friends around us, they also contribute. We also create a voluntary network. We made an open call, we received an incredible application, I was so happy. Young people from all over Smyrna, the people weird is so precious to me.

– Izmir, Turkey's 2nd largest municipality with budget. It is said that you owe a lot to the Seferihisar

On the contrary, the Municipality of Seferihisar had very large debts coming from the past. We kept the debt ratio to equity from 1 to 1 in 1. In Seferihisar, our budget is the one we owe. In terms of Smyrna, Smyrna is a city that is already an A Plus region by all credit rating agencies, it is sustainable and has a large budget.


– Which priorities will you manage this budget?

We will quickly resolve priority issues, waste management for infrastructure or traffic-related issues are not very large. We will turn the perspective into new social policies.

– Youth unemployment is above Turkey's average in Smyrna …

They are considered to be solved by the state employment policies. There are very good solutions that local governments can produce. You can do this by opening up new production areas. Like a woman. Her child is small and her partner can not be dead or unable to work. It is necessary to find a solution where these women can leave their child and work at the same time. We called it from Fairy Tale House dık to Seferihisar, we got very successful results.

E There is a solution to crises &

– What are your projects, for example?

Today, 69 countries around the world are building their walls, and in 1989, when the Berlin Wall was destroyed, we all hoped that the world would come to democracy and brotherhood. Unfortunately, he was drowned out but the cities are not. Cities bring valuable solutions to the crises of everyday life. Irrespective of state policies. And they grow their bread by building networks in the area. We will do it. We will create the City of Cities Management Network in the Mediterranean. Combining the power of the Mediterranean, the area occupied in the world will expand. But we will do so not only enriching a team of winners but expanding each person's bread throughout the production line.


– Like a cooperative municipality?

Is not that what we came to today? Has arrived today in Smyrna, the sale of sweets began to look back 46 years ago! This is the model that Aydın Erten started in 1973 in the Gültepe. To buy cheap meat, cheap vegetables, cheap charcoal for the citizens temin But of course it is very different from the application.

– How different?

I ask and leave a single question: Who are selling points, fruits, vegetables, fruits, who gets it? From the producer, the farmer or someone else? Fortunately, I will say soon: We will increase prosperity In Smyrna, Smyrna will be enriched.

The presidential candidate explained his bláyle crazy project Başkan as follows:

I will create a city where the rich will prefer the metro.

– What do you mean, I come to the back row?

The back row is a geographical expression for Smyrna and all Izmir knows it. For Smyrna, even the back of the first series is the back row. Going back, Karabağlar, Buca, Bornova bu About people who can not see the sea in this city and who can not benefit from the prosperity of this city … I will work to integrate these areas into sea. I will try to develop the crowded neighborhoods in the place of transformation without provoking the people there. Relatively few have been investing in the provinces, having heard the needs of residents of the neighborhood, nursery, and street park. I'll bring this service if they want to. Let me explain in the shortest way: I will create a Izmir where the rich will want to drive the metro and the dolmuş. Just as the Viennese plays in the evening on the subway and goes to the opera. It is my crazy task.

– I understand. your work on the share of income created by Smyrna eler

Our understanding of the municipality is not anlayış I did anlayış. We have hundreds of works, but these are not Tunç Soyer's works. İzmir böyle's drawings To look at someone from the top, I said the bakmac I told this to none eleri. We also have plans not only to share but also to expand prosperity.

– What do you think about tourism in Smyrna?

We must extend the season to tourism. In Alaçatı, tourism in Foça is only one season. Boutique Conference Centers. We plan activities that will attract people in the winter. We have the richest cuisine in the world, we will develop gastronomic tourism. Our olive oil is very valuable, people drink medicine in the Far East. Culture, one of the most important vessels in Smyrna, the city transports museums to the world. We will do so too. We dream of the Museum of Western Eastern Cultures.

– You like to work in a team spirit

I'm an employee of the team. Such ideas, solutions come out, I say how beautiful, I never thought about it. The proposals for a huge solution are growing. This is democracy.

Seferihisar was enriched 10 times in 10 years

– Did Seferihisar delight?

You came, you saw it. Seferihisar was enriched at least 10 times in 10 years. Unit unit prices rose by at least 10 times, trade volume increased by at least 10 times, tourism capacity increased by at least 10 times, agricultural output increased by at least 10 times. The budget of the municipality has increased 10 times. Previously people migrated from the Seferihisar eri Now we live the opposite. Everybody dreams of settling in Seferihisar, Sigacik. Seferihisar receives immigration, people from Ankara come from Constantinople. Because we have created a model of development along with democracy, there is an equitable, libertarian model. People became comfortable with what they produced.

His wife Neptün Soyer spoke about Izmir and the excitement of the elections:

April 1 will be a nice day

– Are you happy?

I love life. Naturally, the people who live, my children, my friends, this way of life living in, live in Smyrna, all of which brings happiness.

– What do you mean, "Living in Smyrna?"

I believe in the promise to be perfect by name. I do not know how my father thought the god of the sea when he called me Poseidon, but I always dreamed of the water's edge. The blue and horizon you reach behind each hill in Smyrna makes people happy.

– There is something called "women of Smyrna -.

The fact that everyone lives in democracy together in Smyrna makes the city and the people beautiful. It's not just that your eyebrow is in your eye, it's a good love, beauty from the energy inside you. A sense of freedom, part of the city you live in, provides this energy.

– Does your wife get a high vote?

Definitely a hero I see in the streets, in Smyrna. I do agricultural production, so I know the countryside of Smyrna very well.

– You're the cooperative, are not you?

Development of Agricultural Cooperatives was established in 1971 and to date, the organization representing thousands of manufacturers in Turkey. One of them is the Koop Central Association, which houses numerous cooperatives. I am President of the Unity of the Aegean Village. We work in the fields of the collection and marketing of milk, olive and olive oil, winemaking, pine nuts, livestock, fruit growing, vegetables, beekeeping, dairy, irrigation, canning, molasses, hunting, forestry,

– It must be a complete job, almost as a mayor. If Tunç Bey wins, he will win Tun

All Tunç has done so far have found a strong response to Smyrna. The model he created at Seferihisar is located in Ödemis and wants a spaceman in Bergama. April 1 will be a very nice day.


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