Wednesday , October 20 2021

Topic 356 – Economic news


At the beginning of the process of balancing the economy, three years after aligning over current account surplus stick creation of Turkey that can not at this time the last period of perception of the crisis with the requirements of the bearded came attempts to create placed in the final point. The government has launched an investigation to prevent delays in bankruptcy, while Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan has speculated about the number of deals. Pekkan has so far stated that 356 companies have declared concordat, 132 in Istanbul, Ankara, 50 companies in Smyrna, said the concert declaration. Minister Pekcan, a creditor and protects the debtor from a plan that continues to work, he added.

Minister Pekcan answers the MP's questions in the ministry's budget talks. Pekkan, taking important steps in the digitization of customs, "Today, the allowable obligations to the customs of Russia" know how we "give," he said. Pekkan, 380 companies have been empowered to clarify the position, said: "We give you the stamps, you can certify their own customs operations, trusted businesses do not face potential criminals," he said. Pekcan also provided information on the support of Turquality, so far, 162 companies in the implementation of the 173 mark said. "The Halal Accreditation Service (HAK) will be an institution that will recognize other institutions that will give a halal certificate to the world," he said.

Turkey's shoe makers (TASD) President Abdulsab of Andijon said he tried to create a negative image for the footwear industry, "the 20 per cent forthcoming increase in exports in ten months, the increase in retail sales has not talked. Know, deliberately negative news is drawn on the moral, and if the "Endican, known to date, 5 different shoe companies announced the record of the agreement," These companies do not even make 1% of total sales in the sector, "he said .

INTRODUCTION Minister Pekcan said he followed speculative price increases for non-foreign products, saying: "This is a requirement for the healthy functioning of the free market and we are doing these inspections temporarily. We designate a ministry, but we do not impose fines. We want to identify and defend them, we evaluate them.

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