Wednesday , October 20 2021

The Turkish businessmen "scorpion" are moving!


leading many business people from Turkey, the work of knowledge and "scorpion farm" skills combines. Among them were Akin Kozanoğlu, Esas Holding Emine Sabancı Kamışlı, Ali Pandır, former CEO of Tofaş, as well as many renowned entrepreneurs such as former chief executive of Temsa Mehmet Buldurgan. . The staff of the investors of 40 people invested a total of TL 20 million on the farm. The farm will produce scorpion poison, an important source of raw materials for the global pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. At the same time, the Turkish soldier will be protected from scorpion stings will get antidote. It is currently located in thousands of scorpion farm hands gathered from various regions of Turkey and breeding is provided.


The project, which brings together entrepreneurs from different fields, began with the dreams of two Sânlıurfa brothers who have lived for several years. The investment process started with a positive return to the brothers who presented their works to my partner, Melek Yatırımcılık A.Ş. Partner of the Company President Kozanoğlu, "This network has been running for 4 years. 6 partners, but we have different investors outside of it. We set out to treat poisoning caused by animals. There is no basis for doing so in Turkey. The state also supports investments to comply with native issues. Our pharmaceutical production has begun and will be sold next year, "he said.


Alternative organic laboratories (ALBILA), based on 7 acres of land in the industrial zone of Eskişehir, will be exported to serum poison and against scorpion. One of the most expensive liquors in the world with about $ 10 million per liter of poison gets to the army of many countries. The venom of Androctonus Crassicauda scorpions, located in Şanlıurfa and the surrounding provinces, will become an anti-serum with the collaboration of the university.

Many countries will buy for the army

Commenting on the issue, the bosses gave the following information: "We have worked with countries specializing in animal poison, such as Mexico, Belgium, Algeria and India.

At Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ), rabbit experiments are carried out with the help of scorpions in milking and milking centers. In addition, the ESOGÜ Mahmudiye Atçılık High School and the maintenance of ALBILA horses in the Mahmudiye area take place.


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