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The most important symptoms of ALS


Special Neurology Dr. Dr. Lütfü Hanoğlu, ALS can be diagnosed by neurologists and technical studies, said: "Symptoms usually appear with muscular weakness and the associated muscles melt. Sometimes, when there is no problem, the difficulties and disturbances in the speech and ingestion of the individual can indicate the ALS.

On the occasion of the ALS World Day, June 21, the Ver Give ALS Voice event was organized to draw attention to this illness and raise awareness. Speaking at an event held at a private Hanoglu hospital, ALS, a motor neuron disease, psychological support is important with the ALS recording of both upper and lower motor neurone disease, he said.


"The upper motor neuron represents cells that provide movement to the brain, while the lower motor neuron represents those of the brain stem and spinal cord," said Hagul Hagoglu, noting that ALS was initially weak. Hanoğlu, the hand and the hand ALS of the person can not lift, with his hand turn the key, the ladder can not be said, and falls, said that this disease is not very common, but mainly affected its team young and middle age.

ALS has no treatment that has yet to express Hanoglu, said the disease has placed the person and his family in a heavy burden.

Hanoğlu, the disease continues to work intensively for the treatment of recording, "ALS" long to a great extent to protect the intellectual angel's motor functions, ie the ability to move gradually disappear. The patient can only move one finger or eyes and all muscle movements are lost. But there is still one person inside. We have to play our part against these people


Hanoglu, in the first stage of the disease, people can survive without help, noting that the following statements:

"Diagnosis of ALS can be done by neuroscientists and technical investigations, and may require some other trials, symptoms of which are usually caused by muscle weakness and the associated muscles that melt, and this may happen somewhat symmetrically in the hand and foot. , when there is no problem, difficulties and disorders in speaking and ingesting the person may indicate ALS. The appearance and continuation of these disorders, if the muscles are involved, the thinning of the muscles involved, the most prominent and the first corpses muscle development. "

Professor Dr. O'Hanoglu said that it is not possible to talk about complete cure in early diagnosis, but some of the existing drugs after early diagnosis of the procedure, though a little, he said.


Hanoglu, ALS can not be determined why the appearance, but after the age of 50, most of the self-expression, said the disease is not contagious.

By stating that the genetic factor of ALS is quite low, Hanoğlu said: The most important thing in ALS is differential diagnosis. There are cases where ALS is not supposed to be. For example, diseases such as spinal cord tumors, spinal cord calcification, nerve entrapment, certain muscular diseases and nerve infections may be considered ALS, but not.

In Hanoglu, patients with ALS are at risk of waiting for the following information about:

Sívı Liquid or solid food to be sent to the esophagus due to difficulty in swallowing can go to the lung. This can lead to death. Patients with ALS with difficulty in swallowing are advised to eat in a seated position and to bend slightly forward. As swallowing may cause sudden choking when swallowed. Inertia and fixed time to sleep can cause thrombi in the veins of the hands and feet. This can cause sudden pulmonary embolism and suddenly life-threatening respiratory failure may occur. Wounds in bed can occur in patients with drowsiness. Drops and fractures due to leg weakness may occur. In patients with respiratory insufficiency ALS, the infection may develop into poorly ventilated lungs. "

Hanoğlu, ALS eye muscles and muscles that provide urine control are not affected, the muscles are melting, if you have difficulty swallowing rich protein and PEG should be added.

ORUM WE BELIEVE that the final treatment will be found "

Specialist in Neurology Dr. Fikret Aysal, 30-40 years ago, is totally helpless in many diseases that no longer have the opportunity to cure ALS treatment in recent years but there have been significant developments but unfortunately not at their targeted level of developments ".

Explaining that diagnosis is very important in patients with ALS Aysal, ALS can be mixed with other diseases, misdiagnosis can be made, definitive diagnosis of the disease must be countered in the end, he said.

Aysal, "in the coming months, years, I believe radical therapies can happen in decades."

Nilüfer Şefalicioğlu, vice chairman of the ALS Association Board, also spoke about the club's founding objectives, vision and mission.

By saying that ALS patients are aiming to improve the quality of life, Şefalicioğlu said: "ALS is an orphaned group, and if this is not the case now, we will improve the quality of life of these patients, doing so with proper information and guidance of relatives. "Şeftaicioğlu, in order to inform the community about ALS, to support national and international scientific studies on ALS, said they were trying to help patients and equipment.

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