Wednesday , March 3 2021

Surprisingly-awaited cryptography platform Bakkt's opening is postponed

The inauguration of the Bakkt crypto-money platform was postponed as soon as it was heard. The platform, developed by ICE, was a bad market pudding. Bakk's CEO, Kelly Loeffler, announced today that he has postponed the start of Bitcoin contracts by January 24, 2019 at least.

Crypto currency platform Bakkt postponed due to shortcomings in the project

Kelly Loeffler vers stated that the following statements:

Members will receive additional time and exchange before commencing new commercial and storage contracts. Therefore, we plan to open our doors on January 24, 2019 to provide full services to our participants.

In addition, Bakk's CEO Kelly Loeffler reported it as one of the reasons for the delay, saying that the volume of men in the company and the control needed to acquire all the parties "is not enough. following statement:

As is often the case with product launches, it is always important to try and re-examine. Crypto is a new class of assets where these resources are applied, so the risks and benefits will need to be thoroughly reviewed. Therefore, as we work to add value to the field, we have decided to redefine our timetable.

Bakkt Bitcoin can offer more than futures contracts

Bakkt said in a statement earlier this month to commence next month, the product will begin on December 12, said the product. The new date also indicates that the platform may not have received this approval and that regulatory approval is needed.

The platform has previously announced the launch of naturally offered Bitcoin contracts. This meant that the customer would buy Bitcoin rather than the cash equivalent of the contract after the end of the contract. However, the company can offer more of the Bitcoin contracts, Loeffler described it on Tuesday.

The company will provide cryptographic money storage for businesses

Loeffler says:

In the coming weeks, we will share more about some of these new features, but as a start, we are pleased to announce that we offer Bitcoin insurance in the fridge and we insure collateral for the warm wallet in. Storage architecture Bakkt B

The company says it focuses on providing cryptographic data storage services to businesses and believes it is an important step in building confidence in this asset class. As part of product development efforts, Bakkt has already announced its collaboration with BCG, Microsoft and Starbucks. Companies helped manage risk for both customer and product experience.


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