Saturday , October 16 2021

Return to Return for patients with MS – Istanbul

Retreat participated in the course of 2008, the world's first Retro Running Championship and Turkey's first reverse runner accepted as Omar Lion, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to be the focus on improving the social and business life of patients with Vodafone 40th Istanbul Marathon The course of 10 km was reversed and led to the first.

This year's "Healthy Istanbul Run for Tomorrow", organized by the Vodafone 40th Istanbul Marathon, the leadership of Roche Turkey, Turkey, the Black Sea, Smyrna and Adana, was founded with the support of MS MS Platform members receive also part.

"MS is not what you think. Move the MS head, move on to your life!" The platform, which started a new move with her message, accompanied Aslan to the marathon.

In order to draw attention to the Member States, Aslan, who led the marathon, successfully completed the 10 km race that began at Altunizade, at Eminönü.
Aslan, the pro-AMA correspondent, said in a statement that sports activities for 15 years are interlinked, in today's marathon members of the MS platform and multiple sclerosis patients to return to support.

Emphasizing that Turkey wishes to recognize MS Lion, when placed in opposition to the well-known early diagnosis of these patients may continue to express their normal lives, he said:

"I am going to return today to the Eurasian marathon to draw attention to this disease: my goal in the race is to run for 10 kilometers without accident, unnecessarily, in a healthy, remarkable way." I will try to finish.

"We want to let the community know here"

Turkey and the chairman of the MS Society of Neurology Special Melih tobacco shop a MS patient is close and that he therefore participates in the union.

Tütüncü said MS is a disease caused by confusion of the immune system and is more common in women aged 20 to 40 years.

Referring also to the objectives of joining the marathon as a Tütüncü platform, he said:

"The sooner we observe the illness, the sooner we begin the treatment and the more we control the patients, we want to raise the awareness of the community and ask a neurologist to consult early when complaints are made.

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