Ready to play in Turkcell 5G technology


Turkcell, Turkey's first live experience 5G Turkey has signed up with Samsung Electronics. Thus, 5G technology, and Turkcell, which offers 5G of Samsung's Fixed Wireless Access Point Through the technology found to live life experience in space, was first introduced with Turkcell in Turkey. Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioglu, "Turkey keep the data in Turkey, we continue to invest by saying. Turkcell all the fastest mobile network established as possible in the world and Turkey. 5G that simply does not transform the technology of communications, automotive, agriculture, health, such as digitization and the basis of the transformation of the industry 4.0 All our efforts that do not consume technology to become a country producing direction ", he said. Samsung Electronics Turkey President Kim Dae Hyun says if he is happy to support the ideas that are being implemented in order to have the advanced technology of Turkey. Gediz Sezgin, Deputy General Manager of Turkcell Networks, said: "When we created our 4.5G infrastructure, we thought about 5G and we created a compatible system. Our superior infrastructure makes it possible to operate 5G in our country."

Thanks to 5G fixed wireless access technology, high-speed gigabit connection speed can be achieved at home and in workplaces where there is fiber optic cable infrastructure. As the Technical University of Istanbul (ITU), the Rector said they were happy to have contributed to this work. Dr. Mehmet Caracas said: "Those who have knowledge and those who analyze manage the world."

Mr Terzio─člu pointed out that the contribution to the economy should be assessed rather than the 5G offer. Europe has repeated its flaw in 3G supply, while the model should be in the US, South Korea and Japan, "he said.


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