Wednesday , April 14 2021

Popular trader announces that this little known Altcoin will explode in 2021 • Coinkolik

Cryptocurrency trader and YouTuber Ben Armstrong say he expects a very unknown decentralized financing project (DeFi) to explode this year.

In a new video, Armstrong says he follows Frontier (FRONT), a little-known DeFi ore that has already established excellent partnerships and connections in the emerging industry with 548,000 YouTube subscribers.

“Frontier is a chain-independent DeFi concentration layer that is already connected to everyone, and I mean all the major platforms and ecosystems in the DeFi space. Frontier brings DeFi core components to users on all of these platforms. It has rewards for gas-free trading, yield cultivation, NFT acquisition and production, betting, governance and application efficiency. “

Popular names FRONT, Avalanche (AVAX), THORChain (RUNE), Solana (SOL), (YFI), Aave (AAVE), Algorand (ALGO), Elrond (EGLD), Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos (ATOM), Band Protocol (BAND), Matic, Polygon, AllianceBlock (ALBT), Kava, Harmony (ONE), Celo, Staff (FIS) and more.

Armstrong said, “Spoiler: Frontier will enter the Polkadot ecosystem through Stafi, so all parachutes will be used by the entire DOT ecosystem.”

Armstrong also points out that Frontier is working with US-based encryption exchange Coinbase to make DeFi accessible to 43 million users in 100 countries.

Coinbase wallet users can also track entire DeFi portfolios and receive smart DeFi alerts, access to, token swaps and more in one place. Frontier is the magic wand of Coinbase that activates everything with a few clicks. All projects supported by Coinbase will be linked to Frontier, as it is the DeFi gateway platform.

The merchant and encryption analyst adds that in addition to Coinbase, other major encryption companies, including Binance, FTX Exchange and Coingecko, support the DeFi project:

“Now, if we look at the three major stock exchanges that support a project, Coinbase, Binance and FTX, all the major hedge funds that support it, and every DeFi and scaling ecosystem is common, it’s almost the same as getting the lottery knowing that you will win. The list of collaborations and consolidations is absolutely endless.

Frontier, with a market value of $ 78 million, could potentially earn 18 times its profits and capture the value of the year. Funding at $ 1.4 billion, according to Armstrong

As we mentioned the day before, on February 17, FRONT had an excellent return of over 483% from $ 1.15 to an all-time high of $ 6.71 over a 24-hour period. According to CoinMarketCap, FRONT was trading at $ 3.91 at the time of writing.

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