Mobile apps claim to share sensitive information with Facebook


The US Wall Street Journal has recently set a new requirement for Facebook, which recently comes in contact with data breach scandals. According to the newspaper, the Wall Street Journal 70 examines the application, these applications of cardiac health, blood pressure, pregnancy, the home it intends to take as soon as possible to save the sensitive information was recorded with Facebook after some seconds.

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Users, without any link to Facebook, even if the data is shared with this social media platform, the news showed that the data is shared outside of user information and requests. Among the applications tested by the Wall Street Journal and tens of millions of users, there is the Instant Heart Rate en, one of the most downloaded health apps in the Apple store and Real Estate.

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Facebook's social media platform, Wall Street Journal said in a statement on the issue, the application reported in the news of the newspaper, not to send sensitive data to warn, the company will take action if the application does not comply with this warning . In the statement, apps are shared with Facebook for Internet ads and they said, "We ask the application developers to be clear about the information they share with us.


Previously shared Facebook data with advertising and data analysis companies has been the subject of controversy, and Cambridge analytica analysts use personal data from millions of Facebook user accounts without permission from US accounts to influence critical election and referendum processes in the United States States and Britain. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the company, answered questions to the US Senate and the House of Representatives in a meeting on the company's data spill scandal in April. one


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