Wednesday , August 4 2021

Mesut Özil denies registration!

German star Mesut Özil, born in Turkey, renewed a new contract with his club last January. it was revealed that he received a large sum of money in the process. The manager of Özil Erkut Söğüt, in an interview for his player,We really have big offers from Asia. Some were mad. "

Mesut, who signed a £ 350,000 weekly deal in January, said the money was not very important.Money is an important factor in thinking. However, people should remember that football is only one element in the renewal of the contract. These days the commercial impact is critical in football"he said.

Erkut Sogut, who noted that he is Mesut Ozil's most popular follower in the social media in the English Premier League. Mesut's trading direction is very large, there is a global marketplace that can make money from these players, "he said.

Before signing a new contract with Arsenal that will last until 2021, Mesut Özil, who has a weekly pound of £ 140,000, reportedly offered a large number of offers from Asia. The player is a weekly £ 1 million pound bid, the player loves Arsenal and "This is my home says"refused the offer.

In 2013, Mesut Özil received a club record of £ 42.4 million from Real Madrid and moved to Arsenal. Following the failed World Cup adventure, the Turkish-born player had abandoned the national team on the basis of his racist approach.

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