McAfee announces Bitcoin's story to reach a million dollars


Bitcoin is no longer just about the value of our life, but it is always on the agenda with what we call it. You are looking at the news that Bitcoin will drop more on screens. A long time ago, you are also looking at the people's appetite for price estimates.

So John McAfee came. You know him already a candidate for the US President and also an enthusiastic ICO. Now let's say this: When will Bitcoin be $ 1 million? You say it is very difficult to give such a date. John McAfee gave me this difficult date. McAfee has somehow confirmed IBM's blockade and vice president of digital coins, Jesse Lund said. Because Jesse Lund had just used the phrase "One day Bitcoin will be $ 1 million Zira.

Two weeks later one day

Lood uses the following statements about his Bitcoin predictions in an interview where Bitcoin's vision for the future is:

One day I see that Bitcoin will be $ 1 million. I've already written this topic on my blog

When we look at Lund's forecast, we see that it can be based on a preference made with rounded accounts. He already has one figure. Then a Same will be equal to an American dime, he says. At the same time, Lund says the network will greatly change the global financial services area with the $ 20 trillion liquidity.

However, the expression "one day" used by Lund seems to be somewhat vague. And there is no enthusiasm. That's where McAfee comes in.

Save the date

While welcoming Lund's $ 1 million warning for Bitcoin, McAfee is not happy with the word Dol a Bit day. This is why it is a bit more advanced and the difficult date is December 31, 2020.

When we look at these prediction updates, we see that bets that have been made in the past have doubled. In July 2017, when the Bitcoin price was $ 3,982.46, McAfee now doubled his $ 500,000 bet.

McAfee claimed that if he lost this bet, he would eat his penis on national television. When he remembers that bet in his comments, McAfee admits that his bet is the same bet and says:

"I have never lost bets"

Wild wildlife

No matter what anyone thinks about McAfee, if his life is not impressive, it's not worth it. Last year, along with the Libertar party, announced his intention to run for the second time at the US President's office. Later this year, he announced that he had followed the IRS due to unspecified Daha crimes and lived in exile.

Price estimates are in fact a precarious profession that seems to be famous. Look, she can get a line on one of the hairs. But for some reason they do not even take a step ahead of the forecast.

So will we see him eat national sex in his love organs? Perhaps there are many reasons for this, but I hope that the main reason is not for personal interests. Besides, the expectation of $ 1 million in less than two years is definitely something that excites everyone. I can bet more than the guy who says he'll eat his own coke if that happens.

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