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Last minute: The Ampute national team became second in the world

Turkey Umpired Football National Team, was second in the world.

Football Association of Turkey, "Turkey Football Playing" supported by the project, within the Federation of Sports Disabilities Federation and sponsored by Turkcell in the national handicap group, met with the Football World Cup in Angola.

Mexico's San Juan de los Lagos in organizing the organization, the first half of the championship match Rahmi Özcan pass the pass of Serkan Dereli, the goalkeeper could not find a goal in the faces they face. 24 minutes from Rahmi Ozcan and Şehmus Erdinç's shot at the top pole in a series of shots. When both teams failed to change the score, the first half ended 0-0.

Last minute: The Ampute national team became second in the world

In the second half of the opponent who scored more goals than the star team, the regular time of the match ended with a 0-0 draw and passed the expansion.

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He could not find two goals in two bets per minute and went into a penalty shoot-out.

String peace in Turkey, Mohamed Tiller, Fatih Senturk and Rahmi Ozcan, turned off the penalty shootout. Captain Osman Cakmak 5-star team lost the penalty. Angolan footballers did not make mistakes in the penalties that won the 5-4 match.

Reigning world champion Angola is the second organization that finished second in Turkey.

The players of the moon group were very sad after the defeat.

Last minute: The Ampute national team became second in the world

Captain of the Ampute National Team Osman Cakmak said after the fight, he asked the Turkish people helallik.

The star moon on behalf of the team using the 5th penalty shootout did not hit the target, "I hit my own 5. November I lost my leg 5 November does not work for me I want to spoil my friends Life goes on. champion when I became a champion of the microphone, the biggest question is that we can not be a champion, I am the brother of the team.

Kenya, 4-1, Liberia 3-0 defeated and the United States 5-1 defeating the name of the second round of the national team, this round Ireland 4-0 went into the quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals, the national team beat Russia 5-1 and in the semifinals, the home team had the right to fight in Mexico in the final with a score of 4-0.

Shortly after the establishment of the Amputee National Team, which identified the international success of the 2004 European Championships and 2008, the second year after the championship held in Istanbul last year after achieving significant success in the organization.

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The national team, which won the third place in the World Cups in 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2014, was the second only to Angola in the final.

Last minute: The Ampute national team became second in the world

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