Kill Lila?


Leyla Sonmez, who lost his life after a nose surgery in a private hospital, appeared.

Sönmez's MSA nurse's nose surgery due to meat and deformity in her mother's surgery due to her breathing difficulty due to her daughter on January 29, said: After the surgery, she woke up regularly, moved to an entertainment hall and I spoke with him.


Leyla nin, the patient's rest room, while the next surgery continues the MSA, a period after the operation of the patient ruptured under a light nose, reported that the girl next to her control, violating the bumper and that there is an abnormal situation said. M.S., 2 hours after this time reported nausea nausea reported that he was given nausea medications.

The MSA, who also informed the patient that the patient had met after the operation, said: k It was decided that there was no need to supplement blood in the evaluation of blood findings and the patient continued to sleep. We decided to continue serum and medication with other specialist doctors, "he said.

On January 30 night Leyla wanted to go home but insisted on staying one more night MSA, "40 hours after the anesthesiologist's work with PD to do an assessment of the situation, and blood tests to examine the case may be We were in the intensive care unit, the patient was conscious, but there was respiratory difficulty, the blood pressure showed a slight downward trend, and we continued to serum.


"There was no statement that the patient's current condition was merely psychological, but the neurologist FK stated that the patient was psychologically responsive and started the tranquilizant. The patient was transferred to the intensive care unit at Balcalı Medical School at Çukurova University and there was only a small amount of bleeding in the surgery immediately after surgery, so we removed the existing tampon and put a new tampon. Although this was not an obstacle in practice, I started thinking about In the event of abdominal surgery, she was subjected to abdominal surgery at Balcalı Hospital, but no results were obtained, and I am very sorry that this patient died. "The allegation of her relatives that I was not interested in Leyla does not reflect the truth that I did not interrupt my interest and interest.The claims that she had been transported to an ambulance and sent to Balcali after his death was also untrue.


Speaking at Milliyet, Leyla Sönmez's father, Ali Haydar Sönmez, said the doctor gave a complete lie to protect himself. Father Sonmez, the doctor said that dental brace for surgery is not a problem, he said. Stating that after surgery, Leyla Sonnez, the daughter started vomiting blood and the doctor "healed", claimed to have cheated. Sönmez said :: The doctor gave a contradictory statement. My daughter came out of the surgery: "My stomach hurts," he shouted. Normally You have nothing, everything is normal. I'm gonna free you tomorrow She's throwing blood in her barn. The doctor is completely. He wants Leyla to remove the metals above him before he goes to surgery. Leyla says she has braces. "It does not matter, did not the doctor.

Ali Haydar Sönmez, who said that Leyla's hands and feet were alive after surgery, said: sonra The doctor will expel my daughter. "You can not be discharged in this case," I said. "Then another day," he said. After trying to save them after they realized they had poisoned my daughter, they could not. I went to the hospital last morning. My daughter was not in her room. His mother lying on the couch. When I asked the söyl where is ley she said they had intensive care for my wife. When I went to the intensive care door, I asked why they went there. The doctor said, your daughter has nothing. Laughing, funny. Take your wife, go home. Come on 3 pm, let's get rid of it, take your daughter. The last time I went to the hospital, my daughter was referred to the Balcalı hospital. Last thing he said to me: "Father, take me home Ley. It's burning." As soon as possible, they should be punished

SOURCE: UAV-Milliyet

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