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He referred to KAP that was sold at TL 62 million

20.11.2018 14:11:45

Our company The Province of Istanbul, Şişli Province, HarbiyeMahallesi, 95 die, the 1759 island registered property (Alternatifbank AS, former headquarters building) was announced on 19.11.2018 with an amount of TL 62,000,000 for the sale price Karadeniz Örme Sanayi and the Foreign Trade Corporation. The profit from the sale of this property is expected to be used in line with our company's debt reduction strategy.

Karadeniz Örme AŞ, which buys the building on the road where property prices are high, is also one of the major players in the textile sector. The Karadeniz Örme Group has developed projects in the field of luxury housing and in the textile sector. Meanwhile, the main office building of the bank was in Sarıyer.

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