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Hadise Helped, Açıkgöz Family in the Financial Crisis

After Hadise's problems with her brothers, their mother Gülnihal Açıkgöz marked her life with sadness. After the economic tension between the brothers, Hadise stopped helping her brothers, so Derya and Hülya Açıkgöz moved with their mother.


He was stretched between the brothers with Hülya and his brothers Hadise, stylist Derya Açıkgöz. Derya Açıkgöz, who lives in Mashattan along with her mother, could not even pay the three monthly charges. Meanwhile, sister Hulya, Arnavutköy, closed his house and moved to his mother and brother.

Derya Açıkgöz, the youngest of the family, is said to have called Hadise and said he had difficulty in the charges and was in great misery, but the artist was not interested at all.


The mother of the famous Hadise singer, Gülnihal Açıkgöz, tried to commit suicide after leaving a note "I did not care".

Abla Hülya Açıkgöz reacted to his brother by deleting all his photos from Instagram because of Hadise's decisions. After these events, the waters between the brothers did not stop.

November 10, 2018 Saturday 11:30

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