Friday , March 5 2021

Gülben Ergen to create an event Description: I wanted to beat myself

The Asli Şafak Asin Asun program, as guest visitor Gülben Ergen, found an impressive statement about his private life. "I want to beat myself was the time I want to" Ergen's description of the men who entered his life "made me cry I was very happy.


Asl Shafak in "We all have traps. Over time, have you fallen into these traps?" Adolescent Teen: "And also how human beings do not live without their own choice, even blind blind fingers, even if I have made my own eyes.


Aslı Şafak, the host of the program, says, and When we look at men in your life is the point that gives you the inspiration to reach for the opposite sex that makes your brand appealing to you? Gülben Ergen said: "I did the men with joy to call me, I chose to make me happy, instead of knowing a philosophy of life, I went from them. ; "


The message of Aslı Şafak "Do not have a friend you say I can go to your hands?" The teen answered the question: "My mother, I feel totally clean when I was in a chair in her home, I have seen a very serious friendship in recent years. It has a lot of respect for my pains and struggles imi Know my stomach for 22 years at Özgür Aras and knows what I feel. I have no one to deliver. "

We've completed one of our children

We had such love with the children of our children. We have completed each other. We are finished with completion time. We are together. What hostility, what grievance. We still complete it. We are parents. "Gülben Ergen, the first in the program to perform the first time his son Atlas brought to the screens.

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