Friday , October 22 2021

Feriri conquered the FETÖ ™ cü Tatlıses! He condemns


İbrahim Faruk Bayındır, the owner of the airline FETÖ Tarkim, was prosecuted for selling airplanes to the well-known singer Ibrahim Tatlıses of $ 600,000. Mr Bayındır made an indictment on fraud. The indictment drawn up by the Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office, Ibrahim Tatlises's statements, was also included.

In his testimony, Mr Tatlışes stated that Bayındır had allegations of membership of the Terrorist Organization of Fetullahist and that he had been given a mandate. Tatlıses, the pilot decided to take a private aircraft under the guidance, the dubious company Faruk Bayındır in was trained for the pilot after the pilot himself learned the real estate and the honor, he said. Tatlıses then stated that he had sent the plane to Germany for inspection and that he had the quality of the scrap metal here, said he had signed the agreement as Mega Trans Company at the conclusion of the contract and using Bayijndir's position in the aviation industry, sold the plane at a loss of $ 600,000.

The indictment, 'fraud' and 'search for an armed terrorist organization concerning the crimes opened', Bayındır for Bayındır filed a warrant for the arrest of Ankara Bayındır's case file in the 14th High Criminal Court file in Ankara, filed in the file in terms of fraud, there were more than one arrest warrant, but the person could not be arrested and the statement was recorded.

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