Monday , October 25 2021

Be the guests of the SEAT car seat strength test interests


In the specially developed SEE test environment, there are many different driving conditions for the seats.

The Volkswagen Group makes a step forward every year with its growth SEATalso responds to the variety of its product range. New Generation from León 2019 The Spanish brand, which will start a major transformation phase, continues to take on further developments. This box is also included in the car seats, pre-production Durability and comfort level many challenging tests for analysis. When examining the details of the projects, we find that there are 6,000 tests to assess the possible wear of fabrics and sponges. A machine 22,000 friction movement the execution, Over 100 kilos the daily movements of a person with weight revive and so the performance of the seat is tested. There are five more difficult stages in which each car seat is tested in the three-year development process.

Steps to the tests

A professional team of test men and women with different lengths and body structures will be able to enter and leave the vehicle 6,000 times a week. Every trial staff has a place 5 years during this process to revive the results-based 700 times It does. The test staff wears a metal button or hard-sewn denim pants in the back pockets. In this way, the goal is to ensure that the sponge and cloth are resistant to any kind of driver sitting on the seat to be used.

Take your interest

Another test in the program is a large number of seats friction motion application. With this test, in a laboratory environment, for 3 weeks, 24 hours, 22 thousand friction cycles performing the daily movements of a person weighing over 100 kg. After the test, the performance of the seat is assessed and checked for the same appearance and characteristics. In a cabin, it is shaken violently to excite driving conditions on uneven surfaces. 225 hours This test lasts up to 300,000 km. Tests during the vehicle 80 ° C to -35 ° C exposed to changing temperatures. This work is done to make sure that the vehicle's characteristics remain unchanged and that no damage has occurred.

In a room where the ambient temperature is -20 ° C, an engineer evaluates the performance of the SEAT Arona heated seat. It uses a thermographic camera to confirm that a comfortable temperature is reached within 3 minutes. After 15 minutes, a temperature of 40 ° C is achieved. Along with the heat map, it is observed that the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface, which helps to increase the driver's comfort.

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