Application data is instantly shared with Facebook


Mobile apps share sensitive information with Facebook & # 39;

The US Wall Street Journal has suggested that some mobile apps, with tens of millions of users, share personal data with Facebook, without knowing the users.

WALL – American Wall Street Journal newspaper, a number of popular apps that download tens of millions of people into smartphones, the user's personal data is reportedly shared with Facebook.

Wall Street JournalTests in 70 applications such as heart health, blood pressure, pregnancy, home that plans to get details on sensitive details such as home was recorded seconds after saving.

Users, without any link to Facebook, even if the data is shared with this social media platform, the news showed that the data is shared outside of user information and requests.

Wall Street JournalBulunuy Instant Heart Rate kullanıcı, which is one of the most downloaded health apps in the Apple Store, and, the i real estate website, is among the tens of millions of users.


Social media platform Facebook, Wall Street JournalI have a statement on the matter, the application cited in the newspaper, warned that it will be sent to the sensitive data to be sent, the application will take action if it does not comply with the warning said.

In the statement, apps are shared with Facebook for Internet ads and they said, "We ask the application developers to be clear about the information they share with us. (NEW YORK-AA)


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