Abdullah Avci: "It is very important to put this loan into pockets"


Sports Toto Super League 11 weeks Besiktas 1-0 defeat Medipol Başakşehir coach Abdullah Avci, the championship to win, lose points is very important, he said.

"It's very important that we take this loan into pockets when we lose our competitors"

Abdullah Avci, following the press conference after the game, said: "Today we played the least ball in the league, we changed the strategy in the second half, we are going to play these games, it's important to win them. Sometimes it's important to go outside the philosophy and try different game plans to play and win. used terms.

Besiktas indicates the richest group of players that Hunter said:

"We played with a team who had 2 champions in the last three years, we wanted the ball against Besiktas who was the smallest in the championship and we wanted to keep the opponent behind the ball and find the gaps between the blocks. It was similar to the first 20 minutes, we walked through, found a great goal, we tried this, we did great great losses, and Besiktas started giving us the upper body, then we took the most protection. losses have been made in the transitions.

"In the first 8 weeks, we thought we had to get more points than our competitors"

Abdullah Avci, championship race based on the following opinions:

"We want to be in the last two years of the championship, we are competing with clubs with championship cultures this past week, during the first 8 weeks we thought we should get more points than our competitors."

Hunter, Emmanuel Adebayor will soon retire "Adebayor was wounded last week, Konya played in the team, he did not break, instead of playing, showed good performance and used our savings. After entering the game, we closed with the central control system. found in the rating.



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