Sunday , February 28 2021

A101 (24-30 November 2018) List of Current Products – The A101 will continue to offer the products you may need in those days when we are heading to Eid al-Adha. Also offering products in this sense this week, the A101 has also forgotten those who want to camp on the hot summer days. In addition, the grocery store and a variety of food products will be available on the market on 24 November. We believe there is a need to look carefully at the A101 catalogs on Thursday and study the graphics. This week, the A101 market offers great details.

Ülker Oulagala Sufle 70 gr. 1.75 TL. Full lean cheese 800 gr. Special Price of 6 eggs. Marmarabirlik Dry Sele Olive 400 gr. Corn Cheese Cheese with Dessert Perfume 103 g 2.15 TL. Tukaş Ketchup Varieties 700 gr 4.95 TL

Pistachio pistachios with pistachios 600 gr 13,95 TL. Aromatic Tarabya cheese 250 gr. 6.95 TL. Colgate Maximum Anti-Rotten Toothpaste 100 ml. Vanish Kosla Fluid Spray Dust Sealer 750 ml. Hazelnut Chocolate 250 gr. Ülker Antep Fıstıklı Chocolate 70 g Ülker Chocolate candies 70 gr. 2.95 TL. Elite Milk Chocolate Umbrella 30 g 1,50 TL. Nutymax Hazelnut filled with chocolate, covered with cotton 44g. Milka Happy dairy cows and white chocolate. Nestle Fındıklı White chocolate 70 g Eti Karam Bitter Chocolate 70 g Eti Karam Bitter chocolate with pistachios 70 gr. 3.95 TL

Coffee types Nescafe 10 & # 39; lu 4.95 TL. Tea Tea Dogus Tiryaki Tea 100 ¥ 9.95 TL (10 TL above the current price). Papia Napkins 3 pcs. Liquid soap Hacı Şakir 4×200 gr 19,90 TL (price 2). Honey bloom honey 850 g 27,90 TL (Price 2). Cumhuriyet Dana Kangal Fermented Sucuk 350 gr 37,50 TL (Price 2 pieces). Keyfe Ottoman Dibek Kahvesi 200 gr. 11.90 TL (price 2). Ülker Halley Marshmallow Biscuit Biscuits Mini 60 gr. 1.75 TL (value 3). Twix Extra Caramel Chocolate Bar 6.95 TL (Price 4 units)

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