Thursday , May 13 2021

Unveils PlayStation Classic Using Emulators, Open Source, PCSX Rearmed, Performs PS1 Games

The retro gaming machine was launched by NES Classic in 2016, resulting in many retro games. Technically, it's a traditional gaming software. Works with new material. (Mainly ARM) running on another simulator. To simulate this is the original material.

The retro games of the game. Emulator was developed in the company, but the case of the PlayStation Classic Kotaku site has the opportunity to play the real first (released December 3), and found it using PCSX ReARMed open source emulators.


Images from Sony

The use of open source emulators is not uncommon in commercial games. N2O: Nitrogen Oxide was first sold on PS1 in 1998 and sold to Steam in 2015 and runs on PCSX ReARMed.

However, in the past, Sony Computer Entertainment Always accused of Bleem open source developers! Prior to the era of Sony they turned to emulators open source. It's an interesting subject.

Kotaku also reported that the PlayStation Classic uses the standard USB interface for the controller. (It means that it is possible to bring the controller to the other, and the controller will give the virtual memory card separately for each game, so you do not have to share the same game space as in the past.

Source – Kotaku, DualShockers

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