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Nissan presents the Navara Dark Sky Concept The Hanover car in 2018 was developed in England. In cooperation with the European Space Agency in the context of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility idea to create a mobile research center for astronomy. With the advanced telescopic gearbox, Navara Dark Sky features ProPILOT automatic upgrading technology to improve performance. And the ability to pull.

The European Space Agency is investigating stars with file precision with the Gaya Navara Dark Sky satellite prototype car will support this project. Bringing astronomers to explore the universe in an area called Dark Sky or remote areas of the city. It's hard to get Navara Dark Sky original car is a good example that Nissan has become a partner. With a concept that helps customers to travel anywhere.

Nissan creates solutions to business challenges No matter how intricate the demands are, Nissan Intelligent Mobility and smart driving technology The ProPILOT Navara Dark Sky prototype is accompanied by many clever features. To meet the needs of customers as follows.

ProPILOT's intelligent driving technology allows drivers to control their vehicles through a combination of Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Cruise Control, driving assist technologies and driving assist technologies. Car in Front While the Navara Dark Sky original and off-road trailers can also run in the lane. Or even when it's curved.

Intelligent Around View Monitor has been upgraded to help remove it. It allows the driver to look around the car from a high angle or bird view. It also makes it easier to park. Including the rear of the car.

Blind Spot Warning Technology has been enhanced to show objects at the corners of the rear of the vehicle.

Intelligent towing alignment Controls driving. Brake acceleration and speed change It can control the car and the rear axle at the same level. To drag the rear of the car.

Mobile battery Based on Nissan Leaf technology, motorized electric cars. To ensure that there is uninterrupted power supply. Even in remote areas, Navara Dark Sky is carrying significant equipment, such as the PlaneWave telescope, to transport the telescope to remote areas of the sky. It can explore the stars in remote areas. Avoiding the area with light disturbances in the city. At the same time, it is easy to carry the telescope, "said Fred Jensen, Senior Director, European Space Agency for Gaya.

"The telescope is in this trailer, it is imperative to study information about planets and stars in our galaxy, we can live on Earth to watch satellite data."

Navara Dark Design Sky Inspired by the Universe The exterior is designed to be dark. Very nicely shaped nebulae in parametric form. The interior is perfectly decorated. Scattered in dark colors of the night sky. With the orange of the sunset Reflective orange lines on the seat cushions also allow for easy visibility inside the car. You do not need to use white light. Red light has the least effect on human night vision. The car and the car will use a red light. To avoid looking at interference.

Nissan works closely with the European Space Agency This car has a special temperature control system. To stabilize the telescope. The temperature can be adjusted to suit other areas. The roof of the car opens so that the telescope can explore the night sky. With a 40 cm front lens, this telescope can provide a much more detailed picture than Saturn's ring. He can see the galaxy, the gas and the supernova.

Navara Dark Sky is a car that has been developed seriously in engineering design. The car has a strong steel frame. The twin-turbo diesel engine, powered by 2.3-liter 190 hp, 450 Nm of torque, can be driven on all routes. Even in remote areas. XStorage ROAM is a battery technology used to power an electric vehicle used by Nissan. When inserting into the battery compartment. The battery is in charge mode at any time. And available when needed.

The other features of the Navara Dark Sky include Wi-Fi, a laptop base and the UHF high-frequency TV signal for instant broadcasting anywhere in the world. Radar 8 around the car, including the car. It provides the driver with information about what's around the car. Nissan Connect entertainment touch screen on the car's dashboard.

Navara Dark Sky can tow a telescopic car to carry the telescope in the right position. With the Radar Sensor And the scanning camera controls the surrounding ground for a smooth and correct position to park the car. The frame height is higher than the standard model. To increase your ability. "Everywhere" after the Hannover car show, Nissan will donate a telescopic van. Pass the spirit of exploration and adventure. It inspires and promotes education for future generations.

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