The large Phayao epidemic, 544 patients have already been found.


On February 22, Dr. Kraisuk Phetburanin, Public Health Phayao, Phayao, revealed that oversight of existing organizations is Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health About Monitoring the Flu Statewide From 1 January to 4 February The cumulative total of 21,572 patients and 32.97 patients per hundred thousands were compared. One person died. In the 7-14 year old risk group, the province found patients treated with most 5 hospitals / provinces such as Bangkok Chiang Mai. Lampang – Surat Thani Province and Phayao Province

Dr. Kraisuk said that the Phayao flu includes 68 sub-areas, 9 districts and data between January 1 and February 11, 62 with a total of 544 patients, compared to 114.57 patients per hundred thousand individuals / person. But they did not find a victim To avoid widespread spread of influenza The Office of the Public Health Committee ordered the assignment of the Head of the Regional Public Health Office (SSO), the director of the Songkha Health Promotion Hospital (Phayao) in 9 districts It is an alliance, such as the existing 10,000-strong province, which closely monitors the state of influenza in villages, urban communities, influenza agents, an issue comes from weather changes from winter to summer. the air causes the body not to adapt.

For surveillance of influenza patients and flu-like symptoms According to the standard of protection that will not spread the infection There is a separate examination by patients A group of people usually take steps to close – to clean – to avoid – to stop. To prevent influenza, classified as 1. Close your mouth, close the nose when you cough, sneeze. 2. Rinse: Frequently wash your hands when touching objects. 3. Avoid close contact with patients. 4. Stop when you are ill, you need to stop studying – Stop working, stop activities in crowded places Especially in elderly risk groups – patients with chronic diseases – young children and pregnant women Should be closely monitored If antipyretics do not improve within 2 to 3 days, immediately take the patient to see the doctor as soon as possible.



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