"Sukhothai FC" remove the insult and target the top 5 … from "Maxzio"


"Dawn of Happiness", the first kingdom of the Thai people With the football team This set the goal to give happiness to the football fans in the province

They have advanced to the highest level successfully entering the Champions League AFC successfully, although they have stopped in the 3rd round of the playoffs but are a good experience for the team and the fans. They are struggling to die hard, but this year they will not be the same. Higher goals

Sukhothai FC

Pen name : Fire
Abbreviation : STFC
Was founded : 2009
Field : Talayluang Stadium
Capacity : 8,000 seats
Group Owner : Sukhothai Football Club Company Limited
President of the association : Anongwan Thepsutin
Group Manager : Phongkunat Siri District
Lead trainer : Lubobiristovsky
The results of the previous period : Thai League, ranked 11th
Official webpage : Www.facebook.com/STFC2009

Betting Statistics (Players) * On 21 February 2019

Most games (all items) : John Bajjo, 102 shots
Shoot more goals at a time. : Nelson Bonita 27 goals
Most goals scored (season 2018) : Nelson Bonya, 25 goals

Champions list

Regional Division of the Championship 2 : Championship 1 (2014)
Thailand League 1 : Third place, 1 session (2015)
FA Cup : 1 king champion (2016)

List of Sukhothai FC players for the 2019 season

Goalkeeper : Anat Nina, Wanop Sai-Jay, Jack Bear, Gou Shan

Defender : Joel Sami, Sakda Kachin-in, Yadobasana, Narongir Bunsuk, Sassypirin Mingshorn, Exxcity Yo, Piya Rat Lae Cricket, Homs Shaheh Fa

Medium : Rangsan Virunsu, Fah Bumba Cup, Chung Muung Ah, Tirahai Lakkah, Dawato Hareonb, Tanauat Silentong, Conway Haimanam, John Bahich, Kuran Ferns, Anuchit Chuchee

Attack : Kittipong Wongma, Ian Ramsey, Paitoon Nontadee, Petar Orland, Norafat Kai Kau, Kittipong Wongma

Meet the coach: Lubomir Kristofsky


Serbian coach He came to get the wood from Natipong Srithong-in to help the Royal Navy escape after losing 6 games, sticking and losing 32 goals By opening the victory against Chonburi 3-1, including 2 more wins from Bangkok Glade and Pattaya United. He was unable to ask questions, but the goal was to survive from the Thai League, but he led the win in 5 of 7 games for "Nam Nua".

After being unable to continue with the team, Rolfsky was assigned to the championship top by Sukhothai and became External coach The first person of the team also With the expectation that he will be a counselor who will be able to bring the fireball to the top 5

The style of the Lobomiristovsky team was based on the standard of Serbian buses. Play football with a clear pattern But you have a tactic to solve the game at any time Including rigorous training So that the team can do the job exactly as needed

Star presented: John Bajjo

John Bajjo

The small striker in Sukhothai came from Somsak Thepsutin club president. He went to watch the warm-up game between the harbor and Ratchaburi and was signed after the match was signed for the last 7 minutes. The game at Sukhothai was heated with Ratchaburi as well. And it was he who stood up to kill himself

Although at a height of only 158 centimeters, Bajjo has proven. He became the aggressive line of Sukhothai, including always adjusting to the new front, or Renan Marquez in 2016 who both helped. He successfully managed the team to win the first FA Cup Championship (Although he was a co-champion) or the previous season, Bajjo was combined with Nenson Bonita. Until almost take the team to the top 10

This year, although Sukhothai won the national window, both Ian Ramsey and Petar Orlandand, but team coach Lubo Merrisovsky has clearly stated that John Bach Jo is the group's hope.


Separation with "Coach Ba" Pairoj Bowonwattana, Dilok in the second half of the championship. It seems to be a major turning point that makes Sukhothai a mandatory escape team to the Thai League after 2018.

The only win in the last seven games of Coach Ba and Sukhothai was the cause of the change. But the change will not be better Although they returned to Ratchaburi's victory in the next game, they had written as seven winning games and are still good at the end. Sukhothai is still 16 teams in the Thai League 2019.

New era, new start, Sukhothai appointed foreign coach The first in the history took control of the team with great expectations. Lubomir Christoffsky was the one who came to exert this pressure.

The Top 5 is what Dr. Anongwan Thepsutin, the chairman of the Sukhothai team, at the inaugural event of the club. Which, of course, is different from what the media and soccer fans expect this season.

Dr. Pao "managed to strengthen the foreign forces in the form of heavy punches from" Ian Ramsey ", the middle, the Philippine national team" Petar Orlandic. "Serbian person With a high" Joel Sami ", Congolese defender high profile Extremely experienced "Rudolph Novostabasana", center of the Indonesian national team With the speed and short aging can grow again and "Jack Crouch", Dan Dan, Thai-German He has a good shape recently called in the Thai national team for the 23 year old who was assistant to John Bajjo

Sukhothai will accelerate to the top 5 in the Thai League 2019, or the team will escape as predicted by the media. You have to wait and see



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