Friday , May 14 2021

Rayeawat, the reason why the Thai national team hit Timor.

Rayeawat, the reason why the Thai national team hit Timor.

After completing the match, Milo Ranieres, coach of the national team. The first three points of the competition to say.

"Before the game, I said that they would not play negligible, I am happy with the work of all of them, and in Timor, they fight until the last minute." The next goal is to see the game with Indonesia.

"The victory of this game that scored seven goals, I played the game that has been put in. We have to keep all that we have formulated."

The question is whether there is no art, Red Da, Teeraporn Boonmatan, Chanathip Songkasin, and Gunther Thamsajanan. Does this match the game of the Thai national team?

"In fact, I see that in the preparation of the team, we have to have enough time." Before the fight, we had enough time, the ability to exercise and prepare for a diversion, we are not worried about the lack of players if there is enough time. Who cares down to play 11 first, I'm sure we'll do well.

In addition, Milo Rayeyev, coach of the national team. Also discussed the next game on November 17, 61 at Rajamangala Stadium, at 18.30 will host Indonesia. The first fight against Singapore ended 0-1 that "we now through the first game and then the victory will all make more cheer and confidence. To continue the game, we will prepare the next best team. I told the team that this game is very important. And we hope we will continue to work consistently. "


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