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PTT organizes Wirat Uanarumit, the new CEO, TOP – Hoonsmart

[ad_1] >> PTT Group Appointment of new Governor "Wirat Uanarumit" as Managing Director And President, Thai Oil Rock, "Athikom", back to PTT, PTT Global Chemical, "Invincible, Indara", Chief Executive Officer and Patiparn Sukonthaman "as President To Sustainability of Businesses

Chansin Trienuchakorn, Chief Executive Officer and PTT Chairman (PTT) said the Board of Directors has revised and adjusted the investment plan. You are ready to appoint high-level executives according to their performance, experience, knowledge, abilities, ethics and ethics according to the principles of good corporate governance Comply with different situations and challenges Continue to try for sustainable business

At the Thai Oil (TOP) division, Mr. Atikom Terbsiri is today the Managing Director and Chairman. Join the position of Managing Director, Business Group of Anant Gas and Natural Gas, which entered into force on September 1, 2019 and appoints Mr. Wirat Uanarumit, Chief Executive Officer of Business, Upstream Petroleum and Natural Gas Business Group, PTT Managing Director and President TOP

In addition, the PTT Council and the PTT Global Chemical Management Board (PTTGC) have reviewed the appointment of executives. Mr. Khongkran Intin was appointed to update the current Chief Executive Officer, Upstream Petrochemical Business Group, PTTGC Chief Executive Officer And Secretary of the Board of Directors and Mr. Patiparn Sukonthaman Chief Executive Officer, Downstream Petroleum Business Group, PTTGC The Chairman holds the 1st October 62. Mr Supattanapong Punmeechao will retire on 30 September 2019.

For appointment Transfer executive deputy level And the PTT manager to replace executives retiring in 2019. PTT has a policy to appoint in advance to the board of directors withdraws 3 months to deliver the project and provide
The executives appointed, transferred, have enough time to learn the job before taking office. And to ensure continued management of PTT operations

"It is normal for PTT to review the plan, adjust the strategy, and appoint and transfer qualified executives. Both are good people and good people, according to the process of managing human resources of top companies at every step, in order to be consistent with the changing business strategy and the environment and the creation of immunity that will make the business continue to grow steadily and in a sustainable way. With its goal PTT is a proud organization. Focus on transparency For sustainability Together with all sectors, "said Chansilp.

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