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…… Prepare to go back to the entertainment industry!

Thursday, 08 November 2018, 10.23

"Chittagat Butter" clear news positioned rich husband

Prepare to return to the entertainment industry!

Since the girl "Butter Chotika" married a family, she fell out of the industry to serve housewives care for her husband and son, who are now cute. Very scary This is the news that butter is because the husband has a wealthy husband, so he came out of the industry today to open the mind through this talk show on channel one31.

What is your mother's life? "He's so busy, I'm very happy about it" a few years ago. How is development? "Now, near the walk, we do not want to get down, you want to walk Butter with two siblings from the first two, I have two months to help them." Butter with hand, what more children? "We will have many friends." Are there any disagreements about childbirth? "There is, but we will not talk in front of the ball, we'll talk to Mike later, talking after sleep, we will not discuss how to raise children in front of children.

Do you have another child? "I do not really want to stay away with the first person, they will hate us, it's butter like a kid, I'm not sure if this is a good idea." It's too tired to try it, it's very thin skin is the fine butter of some months. Butter does not reduce anything. Thanks! It's not that I do not like it. What do you think; "We really love ourselves, everyone wants to return almost like us, we like it, we have time to feed it, we want to be beautiful, it's like cherishing ourselves, our husband loves us.

The love of butter with hands. How many years; "10 years, and then married 2 years." This couple is often a conflict? "But there is not much controversy but maybe butter is okay I do not want to protest with us I have the same voice If we knew we were wrong, we would have it." "Butter knows it must have been years. questions, let us know, I do not think we can do that, it was the only time that was surprised, there are no more stars. "People look at the rich husband as noble. Is my husband gentle? "People put it in. I think the butter is very common." Do you have the butter house 40-50 million? "Not that it happened together, helped the husband to be simple people. I do not know what to do.

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