Tuesday , January 26 2021

Pongphat Pat led the team to celebrate the 2 billion revenue that swept 400 million! Red Tanya confirmed the third lesson!

After the phenomenon is created, the platform is Thailand's highest-paid film in recent years. Naga 2 I swept the country over 400 million to finish. From the group of creators led by the three big ones. Rule Maleenont, Director Pongpapat Wachirabanchong With his wife Red Tania, Wiboon Lee Rattanakajorn Cast Nituj Kumki Miya, Yaya Urasya And Ken Phu Landscape Come to celebrate this achievement at the event. The Naga phenomenon is over 400 million. In the garage on the night of the past (November 11)

From the popularity of the film. Naga 2 This is part of the director. Aof Pong Pat After recovering from the illness for more than 3 months, this performance featured the Spirits, they were standing to please the filmmakers as well as the filmmakers who contributed to the film. Good to have.

In addition, the organizer. Red Tania The three main actors. Nituj Kumki Miya, Yaya Urasya And Ken Phu Landscape Thanks again for the film's official fans As part of Thailand's support for returning to the stream again. It is also revealed that the group will hold a ceremony in the word Chaiton after the movie that won over 200 million sworn. The good news that the organizers have revealed will be created. Naga 3 Of course, this is now in the process of drawing a story. I did not expect much for the fans. I will soon follow up on.

Naga 2

His story Necklace A young teacher growing up with faith and faith in the goddess Nisa. Help her grandmother sell flowers to the goddess. And this is the care of it. The necklace is very attached to the goddess.

But then Lop Buri He moved to Don Wood Forest, caused many disturbances. Many of the cases are incredible. And no indication can not be solved. Peasants are confident that it is a skill. Princess Nai The rails are back and the event ensures that the villagers are confident. Necklace The body of the goddess.

Yet Prevention I never believed in the supernatural. They still hesitate to blame the necklace. This makes him have to find the truth behind a mysterious affair in this forest.

Naga 2 Now he is shown in theaters.

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