OIC urged to issue rice insurance – innnews


Mr Suthipol Taweechai, Secretary-General of the Insurance Committee (OIC) revealed this According to the Cabinet Resolution of 18 February 2019, the principle of implementing the important rice insurance program, the production year 2019 and the maize insurance scheme of the production year 2019, as proposed by the Ministry of Finance Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. Let the Insurance Service update the rice insurance policy And prepare the maize insurance In order to be consistent with the form and criteria of the project insurance, the production year 2019, including the approval of insurance policies and insurance premiums to be completed and will are able to start insurance in the production year of 2019 immediately after the Cabinet approves the project Which from the office of the Insurance Committee, by the secretary, also approved the print and the message insurance policy And the rate of premium rice, the year of production, 2562, then the amount of 2 policies, together with the maize policy, the production year 2562, other 2 policies, which will be able to take care of the farmers right away.


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