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National Institute of Astronomical Research Awarding the best “Amazing Astronomy Photo” of the year 2020

November 21, 2020, National Institute of Astronomical Research (Public Organization) (STD) Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Organizing the 2020 Astronomy Photography Competition Award entitled “Amazing Astronomy Photography” at the National Science and Technology Exhibition 2020 at the Challenger 2 , IMPACT Muang Thong Thani was honored by Associate Professor Dr. Peeradej. Thongampai, President of the National Institute of Astronomical Research Become President of the award

Associate Professor Dr. Peeradej Thongampai, President of the National Institute of Astronomical Research The president of the awards ceremony said congratulations to the winners of this year’s Astronomy Photography Competition. And kudos to your ability The intention of all who have jointly created the photographic phenomenon of the astronomical phenomenon in a new perspective. Including phenomena that are rare in the public Astronomical photography is one of the close and easily tangible astronomical means. In addition to the appearance of miracles and beauty of various natural phenomena. In the sky already Also impress To inspire observation, research and the search for knowledge. Rationally according to the scientific process Therefore, we sincerely hope that this activity will inspire young people. Wide audience became even more interested in astronomy And creating more young amateur astronomers through astrophotography

Mr. Worawit Chulsil, Owner of “Starlight in the Pillar of the Wonderland, Ta Phraya Thailand” aim to record star trails. He searched several suitable places and studied techniques for capturing beautiful star trails. Until you receive this image, which lasts more than 8 hours, for those who love astrophotography, he invites to submit his work to the competition Because some astronomical phenomena can be disseminated to the youth and the general public to admire and study further.

Supachat Warongsuratt, owner of “Blue Jet”, first prize Photographic phenomena that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere say that since he drove an airplane for 28 years, it is the first time that this kind of lightning flashes upwards When I saw, I could not believe it was true. But seeing that it happened again, he planned to take the picture out of the cockpit window. I am very happy to bring this image to the eyes of all Thais. Because the blue jet is a very rare phenomenon. If you have another chance, you can take photos to see how much higher the end of the sky line is than what you see here.

Mr. Wachira Thomas, owner of the “C / 2020 F3” award (NEOWISE). The Solar System category said that the inspiration for the start of astronomical photography came from the Astronomical Diary of Dr. who published the award winners each year. Astronomy photography, if it has already begun, is not difficult and is not far from an example to think about. Currently, there is a Dr. Amateur photographers interested in astrophotography have access to the information. Learn more And take photos Using patience, passion and determination Will be able to take beautiful photos

SSR organizes an annual astronomy photography competition. For the 13th consecutive year, photographs are classified into 5 categories: long-distance photographic objects. Astronomical phenomena Objects of the solar system View of nature with astronomy And phenomena that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere in 2020, there are more than 800 astronomical photographs submitted by more than 300 interested people. Like producing astronomy training materials in various forms, creating an astronomical calendar Includes astronomical photography exhibition on various occasions for people of all regions Experience the beauty and wonders of the sky, stars and various astronomical phenomena.

The results of the Astronomy Photography Competition for the year 2020 on “Astronomy Photography” are as follows:
1. Deep sky objects
Award winner: Mr. Michael Selby, Image Name “NGC 3521 Spiral Galaxy”
1st prize winner, Mr. Wachira Thomas, image title “Blue Sisters”
2nd prize winner, Mr. Pornsak Jiamsawangporn, image title “The Big Bubble”
Honorable mention: Mr Pornchai Amornsrijiratorn, image title “The Sea of ​​Nebula”
2. Types of astronomical phenomena
Award winner: Mr. Tossaporn Sahakul, image title “perfect beauty”
First runner-up award, Mr. Napat Muangnil, image title “Under the Moon Shadow”
2nd prize winner, Mr. Keerati Khamkongyee, image title “Geminids Meteor Shower 2018”
Honorary mention by Mr. Paween Arayangkun, image title “Total Lunar Eclipse January 2017, The Series”

3. Types of objects in the solar system
First prize Mr. Wachira Thomas, image title “C / 2020 F3 (NEOWISE)”
1st prize winner, Mr. Chayaphon Phanich, Lert, title image “Venus 2020”
2nd prize winner: Mr. Pierre Fromentin, title of the image “Jupiter by Sathorn”
Honorable Mention Award, Mr. Sitthai, Image Title “H-alpha Solar Full disk”
4. Views of nature and astronomy
Winner: Mr. Worawit Chulsilp, image title “Starlight at the Pillar of the Wonderland, Ta Phraya, Thailand”
1st prize winner, Mr. Pongpol wins the disaster, entitled “Stop Time”
2nd prize winner, Mr. Jiroj Charitkuen, image title “Something Energy with Zodiac Light”
Dear Ms. Napat Kan Kan Udomrerk, entitled “Giant and the Galaxy”
5. Types of photographic phenomena that occur in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Winner: Supachat Warongsurut, Blue Jet image title
1st prize for runners-up Mr. Natthaphon Phonbumrungwong, image title “3 turkeys”
2nd prize winner, Mr. Wirat Sawasdee, image title “morning sun, Daruma figure”
Honorable mention by Chatchai Jan Thanakorn Sakul, image title “Milkyway Moondogs & NEOWISE”