Sunday , June 13 2021

Love! I have a marriage counseling. Increased as an avatar string.

Love! I have a marriage counseling. Increased as an avatar string.

On November 10, at Bhirun Hall, Ms. Na Jui Yutthaya Nilkuha attended the Lazada Shopping Festival 11.11. She then interviewed her to bring a marriage card to her older sister. .

"Yes, I am an older sister," he said. From last year before the news to get married. View user's profile Send private message Visit poster's website I'm very happy to be with you. What we are about to do is start what AFA's needs are all about. I recommend the best in everything ".

Do you have a wedding?
"We talked a lot about how to sort the steps in marriage, the media, the older brother, told me that we are with the brothers." From childhood, everyone is interested in all of us, we do news. so we had to take good care of the journalists on the wedding day It's a good advice I am in the industry I think there are many journalists People love us.

That's all. What is the wedding that is supposed to be?
"Most AFL members have already presented it."

Do you have the AFL news stories?
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I think this is the best encouragement, because everyone is responsible, and I think people like most of the AFP. us. "

I think we chose to live next to the AFL?
I do not know what to do. That is why we are in the industry. We had no problem with anyone (smile). "

Never miss a news story. Just push a friend. I have a problem with this.Add a friend

Are there stressful faces?
"I do not know what to say but I do not know what to say I want to prevent the golden door What do you think about it No matter what it is.

Is there any encouragement? He found it very hard this time.
"No, I simply embraced and thanked the people of FA for our care." This is a private part of Jui, which is not news of anything at all. it does not have to give up, but we would like to meet at least to really thank you for your heart. "

What about AFL?
"There is love and good hope, and I am convinced that the level of agreement with each one, life in it, I think AFL is an adult, it's a good idea to understand the world, I think AF is safe from many.

Read the news! I do not know what to do. During pre-marriage

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