Friday , March 5 2021

Livestock Department Version 3 Measures to reduce production – Solve the price …

Mr. Krisda Boonrapur, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, revealed that the price of eggs is not stable. Egg farmers are also affected. And call the ministry. Help to solve the problem. They have entrusted the Department of Livestock with an urgent solution to the problem. The invited parties who took part in the debate and asked for co-operation to solve the egg price problem, as well as the operators of large incubators of 16 companies providing information. Since egg production has outstripped market demand, it has decided to address the issue of three urgent egg prices to reduce egg supply.

1) 1 million eggs were removed from the cage in 1 week, with 15 companies cooperating 2) Eggs exported 60 million eggs within one month There were 13 cooperatives (CP 40 million eggs / 10 million bubbles, 10 million bubbles) and 3) 25,000 to 60,000 hatching weeks.

In addition, the Livestock Department has assigned the Company the following decisions: 1) To monitor the release of livestock farmers / stock farmers / stock farmers within one week of delay, by 30 November at the latest. Watch the eggs every week and 3) Watch the cold. Eggs for export / no eggs 60 million eggs for domestic market. Implementation of the above measures. It is expected that the price of medium or medium egg will increase by 2.60 baht per egg. At present, the price of chicken eggs is about 2.40 baht per egg, which is the price of farmers to increase income. And do not miss

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