Saturday , July 24 2021

Japanese ambassador infected with COVID A famous singer is limited to rumors"Minister"Going to a pub is not limited to a cabinet meeting: Matichon TV – matichon tv

  1. Japanese ambassador infected with COVID Strong singer retained Fame: “The Minister” entered the pub, did not hold the cabinet meeting. : Matichon TVmatichon tv
  2. Entertainment industry encourages Sanan Oatpramote to reveal COVID-19 test resultsHere dot com
  3. “Oat Pramote” was held for 14 days after the song in the entertainment area Found found infected with COVID-19Sanok
  4. Quick booking “Oat Pramote” People with COVID participate in the concertNew Delhi
  5. Oat Pramote announces booking for 14 days after a concert at the store. Where someone has been infected with COVID-19 matichon onlineAnalysis
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