End all photos! Markie kept the symptoms away … Excited at all.


Saying that the beautiful mother, Marki Rasi, still contributes I do not know what to do How to smile when you meet Mae Aumpacharapa superstar in a famous shoe branding event Is another person who always respects and admires

This job, Margie's girl, does not hold the excitement. Enjoy every time you meet Which couple has published a photo and revealed that feeling at that time …

"Do you think for a long time how to smile … Freeing your mouth? .. Do not look arrogant … Lollipop a little? Do not … end up smiling, rigid … Yes, smiling, pulling it into each picture This is the best picture. How many times are you excited? "

Aum girl also posted two photos as they expect to see the face of twin grandchildren. And he's going to play as well


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