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Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus "Dido" even penetrated the old team.

Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus

"Zebra" back to the pit, but Ronaldo will make a good start for the team but the "Red Devil" overflows for the last four minutes and beat the two Ashley doors also turning free kick before. Leonardo Bonucci Shin Shinji will make his own goal for Manchester United with a 2-1 victory over Valencia to go on the third leg of the H Group in UEFA Champions League. Wednesday night significant before

Stadium: Juventus Stadium, city of Turin, Italy

The "Zebra" fights to win Old Trafford Ford 1-0 by Paul Della's goal, the game has returned to "Red Devils" is the fourth game. H Champions League Round H Tournament

The game is good news is that Mario Mandrake returned to help the team but just returned before sending Juan to sweep the raid with Paul, Paulo and Chris. Tuscany Ronaldo

The Red Devils, a star-sighted sniper, Romelu Lagu Guggenheim, who did not have the opportunity to come to Italy, this Mourinho game has three offensive lines by sending the Jessie Lin card is real, in coordination with. Alex Sanchez and Antonio Marseille, with a game in the middle. And it's back in antiquity that football with Bien Kronen.

Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus

The first five minutes of the game, Ronaldo had the opportunity to volley before, but the ball to Linder Love, then the tenth minute, Dally shot off the frame, but the ball went to ricochet the red back.

Halfway through the first half it turned out to be "Zebra", with more opportunities as Manchester United's chance to enter the penalty area is barely noticeable.

The 29th "Red Devils" lost a free kick outside the box more than 23 meters from Miramel Panitch to pull the Andre Andrera shirt and Alexis Sanchez runs to turn the ball to the wall.

Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus

The game began to intensify 31 minutes, Kadyai has a full throttle but the ball has not escaped the decline. Then two minutes later, the "Zebra" almost drove to the first to wipe the ball after Rados cross the ball ball ricochet to change the direction of the ball to hit the second pole.

The host also strikes 34 minutes in Ronald until the game before cutting the ball to the front of the door to the Girisha to shoot the way to the second pole to hit the post.

First Half Injury Visitors are hit by the pace of the ball. Great ball curve left But the weight is also light in the hands of Chase here in the envelope to finish the first half. Juventus in Manchester United also does not always match 0-0.

Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus

Come play in the second half 49 minutes, Manchester United has won. Marseille runs to take the ball from Soe to free the ball in the second shot of the ball.

One minute later. Zebra fans are almost behind the ball. Before I turn the ball into the frame with the ball to bounce the ball in the beam unfortunately unfortunately De Ka stands but.

The game passes an hour. The local change to send Blaise Mendi to play instead of Sami Kairi.

Before 65 minutes, the aggressive Zebra in the race was happy when Panich crossed the line to get the Red Devils to Ronaldo ran into a volley ball did not catch the ball to pass the first to the beautiful Juventus. Manchester United 1-0

Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus

Minute 70 Mourinho changed the first to send Marcus Rashford to play for the Jessie Lin card.

73 minutes Juventus will take the lead. After Guadeloupe took the ball out in the box before flowing back to Pani Paa to go out and then two minutes. It was a controversy but did not miss the shot, but I shot a shot at the edge.

The last 10 minutes, the big red army. Two others left Alexis and Ererera and sent Juan Mata and Felipe.

79 minutes is a chance for Raiders's penalty shootout ball to break the ball in the middle of the ball filled with the ball to limit the first ball away.

But as a "red devil" in a 1-1 pace of free kick out of the box over 20 yards. Ashley also ate before Mata as the twisting torsion free kick the ball across the wall dig right. Chase will be together.

Drama! Manchester United won 2 Tung 4 minutes to remove Juventus

Not enough The last game saw when Manchester United came 2-1 with the free kick to the left, the ball dug in the skeleton, Flaine to the offensive fade before the ball hit the hunt here to defeat the Bonanci. Insert the door yourself

Juventus lost to Manchester United's 1-2, resulting in the "Zebra" losing the first game as "Red Devils" expelled the loss of the game and then gathered three points by adding seven points. Valencia to keep the crowd back. Juventus followed only 2 points.

List of players on the court.

Juventus (4-3-3): National Chesapeake – Mati Tsiapas (Andrea Barai, 83), Leonardo Bouchy, Tzortzio Chel, Alex Mancini – Sami Kadira (Blade Mundi, 61), Miramar Panic, Rodrigo Bendongor – Paolo D. Balala, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Mandingo, 90 + 2)

Trainer: Massimiliano Allegheny

Man Utd (4-3-3): (Marouane Fell, 79), Antonio Marx (Marcus Raftford 70), Andrea Herera (79), Nemanja Matiche, Paul Pablo – Jessica Ling (Marcus Raftford 70)

Trainer: Jose Mourinho

Referee: Ovid Hector (Romania)

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