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Ehh! For this couple of couples, Fern Leaf printed with young men. WatchWhat are the problems? Because this season saw ferns. Publish a strange IST At the press conference "GMMTV Series 2019 WONDER THIRTEEN" started 13 new GMMTV series "that the tour was to recognize that the distance to the top of real life for a month.Now the heart is alright.

"This is the first time I've talked about it before."

Who was the first person I talked about?

"Let's play better." This is a series. The sequence before him. The story is not important. "

Was we overwhelmed because he was so sweet before?

"It's okay, fern, okay."

Is this the end of the word?

"Good speech (smile)"

What can we say?

"Tell me, how far are you away?"

Previously, they seemed to go together well?

"But it was too far. I have to figure out, then."

Is this in the middle of the moment?

"It's really ok."

How many months?

"It's a month."

How are people around?

"OK, everything is fine"

Do not worry too much.


Sorry for the time?

"Pretty much talking about the series"

Can we not continue?

"Fern ok"

Is there a chance to talk to each other?

"Do not talk anymore"

If he returns, will we go back to talk to him?

"Talk to me"

Does it finish well?

"Nothing at all. Talk about everything well."

Is the problem mentioned rather serious?

"No, I have nothing to talk about."

Is there a third hand?

"Without a third, of course."

Are we afraid to say we should not be here?


Is the work affected?

"The heel is normal I'm not sure Make full"


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