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The father helped the star jump into the sea and died! "Andy Lau crazy powder" Yang Lijuan: responsibility non-one person ETtoday star cloud light ETtoday cloud news


Reporter Fu Jiayu / Global report

Liu Dehua's crazy powder, Yang Lijuan, was launched in March 2007 to see the side of the idols and he did not hesitate to make many crazy moves; the father did not hesitate to sell the house and sell the kidney to raise money for it her desire. The sea committed suicide. After 11 years, he was asked about the incident in an interview and replied: "It's not my responsibility to take the father away."

▲ Liu Dehua crazy powder, Yang Lijuan. (Figure / Cap)

Yang Lijuan was passionate about Andy Lau and always insisted on seeing an idol. (Figure / Cap)

Yang Lijuan began to fall in love with Andy Lau at the age of 16. The collection of newspaper and archival scrapbooks is essential if he does not love the idol, he will not marry, her father will not hesitate to sell the debts of the house to satisfy her desires. Andy Lau, who left a seven-figure suicide note to slip into the sea in Hong Kong while talking and when he had interviewed a few months ago.

Yang Lijuan once again received an interview with the mainstream media "Pear Video", revealing that although it has been a long time since, he has to face some "voices" of the audience from time to time and now will wear a hat when he leaves, fearing that he will be recognized by others. In the past, was recognized by two students in the place where he worked, one of them looked at her and smiled, immediately explained to the other party.

▲ Andy Lau crazy, Yang Lijuan was recently asked. (Picture / reversal from second shot /

▲ Yang Lijuan had recently interviewed in the past, saying he just wants to wish Liu Dehua. (Picture / reversal from the second shot / "Pear Video")

Later, Yang Lijuan also said that in Andy Lau, now I will not use the word "fascination," but I will use the "blessing" by saying that the most important thing for her is now her family and now she has not no desire to make a friend. Later, when the father spoke of suicide by jumping into the sea, he said: "I have this wish (see Andy Lau), but my father's indifference to the media is again and again related to the indifference of the other party (referring to Andy Lau). If you do not open, it is not my responsibility. "Yang Lijuan is now a supermarket seller, with a daily salary of about 90 yuan to 100 yuan (about 405 to 442 yuan NT).

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