Tuesday , May 11 2021

Peking University accuses “intentional employees of sending directors” The Beijing Education Bureau denies that it “does not exclude liability under the law” – Free Times Electronic News

  1. Peking University accuses “deliberate officials of sending directors” Beijing Municipal Education Bureau denies “excluding liability under law”Liberty Times Online Bulletin
  2. Beishi University does not start selecting directors, Beishi will be held accountable by lawUDN United News Network
  3. Beijing City University President refuses to accept Beijing City Government’s choice of the Education Bureau to pay 1.8 billion yuan a year: Respect for the system | Apple News | Apple DailyTaiwan Apple Daily
  4. The City Government Sentenced Dai Xialing to 2 Days in the North City Camp: Intention to Accompany Specific Candidates!Liberty Times Online Bulletin
  5. President selects students from Beijing Municipal Government: university autonomy can not be illegalUDN United News Network
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