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KTV's two big domestic leaders, Hao Ledi and Qian, announced the merger again. Hao Ledi announced yesterday that it intends to apply to the Fair and merge with the money office and will buy all shares out of the box with cash 67.7 yuan per share for a total amount of 6.784 billion Yuan. With success, Hao Ledi is scheduled to be released on October 1, and the money office will be re-registered.

The Investment Office of the Ministry of Finance held a joint meeting to review the Action Plan for Reinvestment of Investments in Taiwan on September 22 and submitted a request for investment applications from CommScope Materials Technology, Sic Bo Industrial and Tai Yao Technology. 6.7 billion yuan are expected to bring about 200 jobs.

Apple and Samsung Electronics continue to raise their sales price, with sales and market share continuing to decline, while Apple sales in the fourth quarter of last year declined by 11.82%, 2016, the biggest drop Samsung's sales during the same period also fell by more than 4%, Gartner (Gartner), the two major flags of the brand are very expensive.

Financial daily

15 foreign capital of sweeping goods
Rescue of the Eastern Region Ke Wenzhe: The North City proposed to empty the store tax
12 Taiwan investments returning 32.3 billion yuan

Business Hours

Apple's sales are not good.
The long-term civil servant coverage rate is less than 0.5%
Compete for a new card by issuing a card in January, cutting cards, creating a two-year high

United Newspaper

Come back! 钱柜 砸 6.7 billion good and good music
The Runtai Quanguan plant, Guan Yangmei, is leaving the textile industry
"Economics is not fantastic." January export orders dropped unexpectedly.

Apple Daily

IPhone hits the biggest recession in 3 years, Apple Samsung sells too expensive, Huawei gets the market
Shang Lai, Lai Zhengyi, 5 Suggestions: The first time in Taiwan to return to the four little dragons
The ban on Trump at Huawei's attitude is softening

Times of China

The Taiwanese merchants are coming back
Create a 2000 ping factory
School Regional Cards


Confidential look at you! Alibaba Cloud leaks the original code, more than 40 companies suffer.
TSMC records reported a loss of 6.1 billion euros for a virus case of 2.35 times
Taiwanese businessmen return to Taiwan to invest more than 30 billion yuan.


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