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Liver cancer ranks fourth among the top ten cancers, liver B, liver C and the top three causes of alcohol consumption

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s 107th Cancer Registry Report, liver cancer ranks fourth among the top ten cancers, with 11,342 new cases per year. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao, Deputy Director of the Department of Internal Medicine and Director of the Gastrointestinal Department of E-Da Cancer Hospital, said in an interview that the most common cause of liver cancer in Chinese is the “first liver cancer trilogy”. develops from chronic inflammation of the liver to cirrhosis and after cirrhosis to liver cancer. The biggest risk factors are hepatitis B, hepatitis C and alcohol consumption. In recent years, due to dietary changes and overeating among the Chinese, the effect of fatty liver can not be underestimated.

Dr. Zeng Zhenghao pointed out that since the Republic of China in 1975, newborns have been vaccinated against hepatitis B and the current rate of hepatitis B infection in people under the age of 36 has dropped to 1%. However, the prevalence of liver B in the past was close to 20% and it is estimated that there are still about 10% of liver carriers in China. In particular, many people in the central and southern regions are unclear about whether they are carriers of hepatitis B, so they tend to ignore follow-up treatment. When symptoms do occur, they often have relatively serious illnesses.

If it is a liver carrier, it should be monitored and checked regularly. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao explained that unlike liver C, there are clear drugs that can completely eradicate the virus and heal it. At present, drugs for B liver can only inhibit the virus effectively. Most of them require long-term medication. Once the drug is stopped in the middle, about half of the patients will be The virus will reappear within 3 years. However, the doctor stressed that although the current limit of treatment for liver B can only be controlled, it is still very important in reducing the incidence of liver cancer.

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Is a sorghum alcohol measuring cup broken? Beware of chronic inflammation of the liver

The liver is the most important organ for the metabolism of alcohol. People who have long-term alcoholism and alcoholism should pay more attention to the risk of liver cancer. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao explained that, in general, the definition of alcohol overdose is: the daily intake of alcohol should not exceed 30 grams for men and 20 grams for women. Taking sorghum with 50% alcohol concentration as standard, a 100 cc glass of sorghum contains 50 grams of alcohol. Although studies have claimed that the right amount of alcohol is good for heart health, but for the liver, every drop of alcohol is a burden and people with risk factors should pay more attention to moderate consumption.

In addition, drugs that cause liver damage can also increase the risk of liver cancer. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao recalled that many people in the country believe that taking drugs can be “maintenance”, leading to unexplained drugs and buying drugs with unknown ingredients. These wrong medication behaviors may be related to unexplained chronic inflammation of the liver. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao stressed that the principle of liver protection is that “the less medicine you take, the better”. You should take the medicine prescribed by your doctor and it should be used. Avoid taking drugs indiscriminately to increase liver weight.

High-risk groups with an average survival of 10 months for advanced liver cancer should be screened regularly

The liver is mostly a silent organ. When symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, bloating and jaundice occur, most of them are already advanced liver cancers. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao pointed out that if early-stage liver cancer is treated properly, the average survival time is about 5 years or more. In contrast, patients who are already at an advanced stage at the time of diagnosis survive only about 10 months after the mean.

Therefore, if there are patients with chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis, etc., be sure to seek medical attention, get regular blood tests to check for tumor markers and liver markers, and have an ultrasound checked to avoid liver cancer. Some studies also believe that family history is associated with the risk of liver cancer. Dr. Zhenghao Zeng said that if there is a family history of liver cancer, screening is also recommended.

Dr. Zeng Zhenghao explained that a complete liver test should include blood sampling and ultrasound. Many people believe that a normal blood sampling indicator means that the liver is good. Liver ultrasound is the first step in controlling liver cancer. If a tumor is located in the liver, but can be clearly judged as a hemangioma, monitoring is the main option. However, if it is a tumor of unknown type, or the tumor index is also abnormal, usually the next step is to help diagnose with a CT scan and MRI at the same time, and sometimes even a liver biopsy is needed to confirm the diagnosis.

It is not the diagnosis of liver cancer that can change the liver to protect the liver, but the right idea must be known

Dr. Zeng Zhenghao explained that the treatment of liver cancer can be divided into three stages. In the first stage, recovery is the goal and removal treatments such as surgical resection, liver replacement or electric microwave heating to eliminate the tumor completely. Stage II cancer has progressed to about stage 2. If the tumor is too large or too large to handle, embolization therapy will be applied to control the tumor. In the third stage, the tumor metastasizes or invades the blood vessels and the patient must receive systemic treatments such as chemotherapy, targeting and immunotherapy.

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Because of the vague early symptoms of liver cancer, patients tend to believe they are in good health and miss out on early treatment opportunities. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao pointed out that every year he sees 50-year-old patients who are at the beginning of life. Most of them are poor family members and are busy with work, ignoring hepatitis B or not knowing their physique. When they spot symptoms such as stomach pain, they think they will get a stomach medicine that can be cured, but in the end is diagnosed as a case. advanced liver cancer, which is a shame.

Dr. Zeng Zhenghao stressed that the principle of protecting the health of the liver is very common. Be careful not to take medication, take different medications, exercise regularly and eat healthier and fresher foods. There is a saying in the market that night shifts are easy to damage the liver. Dr. Zeng Zhenghao explained that as long as you can maintain a normal schedule, the impact on the liver will not be too great. It is relatively important to maintain good habits and get rid of misconceptions such as “medication and maintenance”. It is also recommended for patients with fatty liver to actively lose weight and see obvious improvement results.

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