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The one-year postponed Tokyo Olympics will open on July 23 to spark the war. Taiwan will send 66 athletes to compete for the highest prize, making the most special “five-year” Olympic Games in history even more exciting. In recent years, Taiwan’s “female power surge” such as world badminton queen Dai Ziying and weightlifting goddess Guo Weichun have been the top five “gold” hairpins that are very capable of winning gold. ” Apple News. “Let us know, do not miss the glorious moment of the golden selection of Taiwanese women.

Ai Dai Ziying takes over possession

Dai Ziying became world champion on December 1, 2016 and has accumulated over 170 weeks of dominance after the ball. It is the biggest “small obstacle” in the history of female badminton. Released from the UK last year. Following the match defense, it was not until the match of the 3 Thai matches in January of this year. Subsequently, all races were suspended due to the epidemic, so they had to remain at the National Training Center for closed training.

Dai Ziying has competed in the Olympics twice in his career, but all of them were eliminated in the knockout. This time he lost the Olympics for the third time. After five years of training in international competitions, Dai Ziying has won many of the top 10 players in the world. Less defeat, the most important thing is that the mentality and experience have reached the most mature stage of the career and will no longer be influenced by factors such as stage fear and excessive thinking. the advantage of registration, you can play directly in the first group 8 after the promotion of the group., Physical strength is more dominant.

O The goddess of weightlifting Guo Weichun

Guo Weichun, who has won gold medals at Asian Championships, Asian Games and World Championships in his career, is missing an Olympic gold medal in his career to complete the weightlifting puzzle. She experienced youth in 2012 and diversion in 2016. For the past 4 years, Guo Weichun has used various internationals. The results of the competition have proved to the outside world that he is going to put a gold medal in Olympic Tokyo!

As North Korea did not participate in the Olympics, Thailand was suspended for weightlifting and the Chinese players avoided changing the weight class, Guo Weichun had almost no opponent in the 59 kg women’s category. As long as he played consistently and was not injured, he won nine out of ten gold medals. This situation is similar to the Asian Championship in April this year, when Guo Machun also had no rivals in the weight category, and finally Guo Machun broke the world record with 3 gold medals.

. Lost and regained a small and fresh Wen Ziyun

Because Japan hosted the Olympics, karate was included in the official Olympics for the first time, so Wen Ziyun, who has only fought in the Asian Games in the past, suddenly had a higher level of competition to make the Olympic dream come true. In the original article, Ziyun was certified “once” as early as last year, but because the Karate Association decided to reduce the ranking and retrain based on the principle of justice, Wen Ziyun was bothered for another year.

As soon as the end of the Olympic points cycle in May of this year, Wen Ziyun was determined to “re-qualify”. Karate Olympic women have only three weight classes, of which the 55kg women are a combination of the original 50kg and 55kg Wen Ziyun has good body shape and body advantage, strengthens the strong offensive method, has a good chance to become famous in the dominant state of karate.

Χι Not just 10 years grinding an “arrow” Lei Qianying

Starting archery at the age of 10, Lei Qianying has experienced many ups and downs in her career for more than 20 years, but persisted in the same repetitive practice and eventually invaded another wave of peaks in 2019, winning world individual and team gold medals. medals., became the first person in the history of archery in Taiwan and also confirmed in advance that he won the right to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. This time, Lei Qianying is more confident in her results.

From elementary school girl to today’s big sister, Lei Qianying is the most experienced battlefield veteran, regardless of male or female archery team, and team reassurance. He laughed and said, “After winning the Olympic archery medal in 2004, Taiwan archery has gone through a dark period for 12 years. It was only until the Rio Olympics in 2016 that she won the women’s bronze medal. If the previous session was a strong comeback, I can look forward to the Tokyo Olympics even more.

Y The dreams of comic book fans come true Lin Yuting

Lin Yuting, ranked No. 1 in the world, has been playing boxing since she was a child. She fell in love with boxing because of the comic book “First God Boxing” and because she wanted to protect her mother from domestic violence since she was a child, she wanted to use boxing as an amulet. Thinking about the Olympic dream of boxing that began as a child, came true finally this year.

Women’s boxing was registered as an official event at the London Olympics in 2012. Lin Yuting lost the Olympics for the first time in 2016. He also competed in the 51 kg category. He lost in the top 8 of the World Championship and was only 1 to win Olympic tickets. At the time, Lin Yuting had not been discouraged for the past five years. Even though she only won the bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games, Lin Yuting never gave up on her heart.

At these Olympics, Lin Yuting finally returned to the 57 kg weight class, she no longer had to endure the pain of losing weight, but she also made her workout more fun in order to rise to the world rankings first. (Li Jianzhong / Full report)

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