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Although the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting records the pigeon pigeon by suppressing dollar profits, but the optimistic spread of foreign currency lending is relatively profitable compared to the new dollar in Taiwan. It is the expansion of the first line to steal money, including bank deposits such as Citigroup, DBS and Yuanda, which is still kept on "3 prefixes." Investors may want to adjust the hound when the dollar exchange rate is reversed.

The US dollar has always been one of the preferred foreign currency deposits of the Chinese people.In recent years, the bank has also aggressively sparked the foreign currency in the US dollar.To exploit the business opportunities after the Lunar New Year, the first quarter, including DBS and Citigroup, has a foreign currency deposit plan. Yuanda Bank expanded its first line in late April and stole the dollar capital market.

The US dollar deposit program before March 29, from the new bank deposit, transfer of US dollars to US dollars and conversion to US dollars after the deposit, a single deposit of $ 100,000, the 7-day interest rate could reach 4.38 %, the one-month interest rate is also 3.38%; if you are a Citibank deposit account, you can also choose to convert US dollars to US dollars, a single deposit of $ 100,000, 7-day deposit rates and one month is 3.88% 2.88%.

DBS was locked in wealth management and OBU customers by providing US dollar deposits. Before the end of March, the new funds were paid at $ 20,000, with a 3-month 3,15% interest rate and a 3.3-month period of twelve months.

The newly deposited deposit plan "Meliyou" of the Bank of China has recently settled in US dollars by the end of April. Whether it's new remittances or existing funds, it has a down payment of $ 5,000 and 3 cards. Interest rate concessions, including a 3-month interest rate of 3.1% and a six-month interest rate, rose to 3.15%.

If you do not have a lot of money and want to participate in US dollar depositors, you can consider the option of electronic banking to transfer money through electronic banking and deposit the entire amount of $ 1,000. %.

However, each bank has a capital quota, and there is a limit on the amount of funds for Uni-Langu deposit. If the amount is complete, the deadline will be announced in advance. In addition to the action, people who want to grab deposits must pay attention to the source of funds, as some banks. It is necessary to exchange currency through NT or other foreign currency and then transfer the US dollar.


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