Sunday , January 17 2021

Can the M1 Mac install the Windows operating system? Apple: Let Microsoft decide

Apple has released the latest Mac M1 processing chip this month and has further introduced three M1-branded Mac products. However, for some users, the biggest concern may not be the performance of the M1. But can the M1 Mac install the Microsoft Windows operating system?

In this context, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, said in an interview with foreign media that it is up to Microsoft to decide.

In fact, the core technology of the M1 Mac is to support the Windows operating system, but in doing so, Microsoft has to decide whether to provide “ARM-based Mac version of Windows” support to users.

Federighi suggested that if Microsoft is willing to provide a supported version, you can use cross-platform crossOver software to use Apple-created Rosetta 2 technology this time to turn the Windows API into a program that supports Mac so that Windows applications can run on a Mac.

In addition, Federighi also believes that the “cloud” can also be a good method, and Microsoft may be able to provide relevant cloud solutions in the future to reduce the threshold for users to get the Windows operating system.

However, if it is really necessary to install Windows on Mac products in the future, you should not question it, as many of the current features have changed to a Web-based service architecture, and many gamers have previously complained about game playback restrictions. on Mac. In addition, fewer games are supported. If all games change to cloud streaming mode in the future, then it will be less necessary to install the Windows operating system on the Mac.

(Source of the first image: Apple)

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