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B2 Liu Fu helped Jiang Mingxue a few years ago, there was a difference – News – Zhongshi


Artists like Liu Fuzhu, Li Mingyi, Zhang Di, Wen Xia, Wen Xiang, Hong Jingwei and Yang Lanshi attended the 2019 Love Pasage Caring Concert press conference on 21st. The senior artists meet one after another, reminiscent of the recent entertainment industry circle in the autumn of events, first, Jiang died, and then Jiang Mingxue was born, Liu Fuzhu said that when he was young he had many faces with Jiang Mingxue in his work and was impressed by Jiang Ming. The study was quite introverted, he sighed and said, "People really do not want to be overly introverted, if you have a confidential, you will not be single."

Recalling Jiang Mingxue, Liu Fuzhu said: "Although I was not with him, I was still familiar, he was at the end of the campus song and was mad at the show." He spoke of the two people who met several times, Jiang Mingxue. In his memories, he was always introverted and well behaved. The whole man is very silent, he told the owner of Jiang at that time a decade ago, "I rarely see him even." That's what he always has in mind. "Jiang is the otaku" impression.

When Liu Fuzhu talked about it, he could only appeal to the outside world: "People are bored at home every day, there is no purpose for speech, it will cause problems, people are groups, there must be friends, people have to be optimistic, come out and not be otaku.It is reported that Jiang has always been a lone amateur.When Zian Zhai lived more than a decade ago, he felt different.Liu Fuzhuo also revealed that a new album will be released in the near future Currently, only one song is still dissolved, and the new album will also include hip-hop songs, which is expected.

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