Saturday , September 25 2021

All-Star 2 will reopen next week and sing songs against the super tear-jerking-Yahoo News epidemic

  1. All-Star 2 will reopen next week and sing anti-epidemic songsYahoo News
  2. (Video and audio) “All Stars” combined with “Take off” with the sound of surprise to see the scene of Chen Shizhong … the whole network collapsedFree fun
  3. Xu Zhanyuan and Cai Shanghua’s “All Star” MV opened with passion and 27 people “take off their masks and smile” are forced to cryETtoday Starlight Cloud
  4. “All Stars” National People’s Congress sang “Nodding to the World” to encourage TaiwanYahoo News
  5. The positive force in the epidemic! “All Stars” invited 27 artists to sing with passionShit! News stars
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