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St. Gallen: “It will happen again on Friday”


The Easter weekend is eagerly awaited at St. Gallen. Following calls on social media, the riot is expected again on Friday. Meanwhile, the city urges calm.

They are afraid of such riots next weekend.

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  • On March 26, there were violent riots in the city of St. Gallen.

  • Locals fear similar scenes next Friday.

  • This is already being demanded on social media.

  • The city does not want further escalation and urges to calm down.

Easter weekend at St. Gallen is expected with mixed emotions. Memories of last weekend are still fresh when hundreds of young people gathered in Red Square for a party. When police intervened, riots and property damage ensued. The riots left tens of thousands of francs in property damage. In addition, a police officer was injured and had to be treated at the hospital. The calls are now circulating on social media to return to Red Square next Friday.

Residents living in Red Square are already preparing for this. “I think it will happen again,” says one resident in 20 minutes. There will probably be more such exaggerations. Therefore, try to go out as little as possible over the weekend.

News-Scout SR, which watched the chaotic scenes up close last Friday, also has bad feelings. “I’ve already seen views on Snapchat on Tuesday,” he said. He says they should meet again on Friday in Red Square. “I think there will be even more young people,” says R. The deciding factor is the police response. “If the police react like they did on Friday, the same thing will happen,” he said.

The city urges calm

A message sent by the city of St. Gallen and police on Wednesday called on people to remain calm. «Αγ. “Galen must remain peaceful,” he said in a statement issued next weekend. There should be no further escalation where attendees are harmed. The city council condemned the violence in the strongest possible terms. However, one understands the frustration of young people and the difficult situation for the whole population. “Now we all have to stay together to overcome the crisis together. Violence and property damage are not the solution. Rather, it hurts people, businesses or restaurants who are also going through difficult times and can not help it with the current situation. “

Thus, the city council appeals to the population and especially to young people to resist the renewed calls for violent meetings. “St. Gallen city police will be present, will pursue criminal behavior and bring people to the police,” he continues.

Last Saturday he demonstrated that young people can maintain peaceful social contacts despite the presence of the police. “About 150 young people met in small groups throughout the Red Square. The night was calm and the police did not have to intervene “, writes the police of the city of St. Gallen. City squares can and should be used in accordance with applicable regulations. “Keeping in touch does not require violence.”

I hope traders

At Pro City St. Gallen, the downtown retail association, has no recommendations for members on how to prepare for the weekend. “Our members are independent enough to make decisions,” said Ralph Bleuer, president of the Pro City St. Gallen.

Police are expected to be present at the weekend. Apart from closing the stores, there was nothing else that could be done anyway. “We can only hope that it will not happen again,” Bleuer said.

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