Roadmap for the anthem – For the next three months


BioWare has revealed what will happen in Anthem over the next three months. This is the content of the law 01.


BioWare announced what players can expect in Anthem within the next 90 days. The whole thing is summarized as an act of 01. These include various freeplay events, cosmetic items, missions and general improvements. For the rest of February, BioWare has scheduled three free-game events. The first of them, "There Be Giants," is already alive, providing four powerful Titans. This is followed by "Outlaw Outrage" and "Shaper Surge".

In March 2019, "There Be Giants" and "Outlaw Outrage" are coming back. There are also two other events that do not yet have a name. In March 2019 you can also look forward to the first phase of legendary missions and new rewards. In April, more free-game events, as well as rewards and an advanced system of development will be available. The second phase of the legendary missions, along with a new bastion called "The Sunken," is also shown. Weekly challenges, rankings and guilds are also in the program. May 2019 offers the largest drop of content, including "Cataclysm".

Act 01 consists of three major phases that BioWare lists on the official site. About Act 01 ("Echoes of Reality") is said: "The world of the Hymn remained unfinished – abandoned by the gods, it is a dangerous part, chaotic, unpredictable, freelancer and you belong to the elite of the few chosen to fight chaos, to manage the power of your acorn and to give order to chaos. "

Act 01 – Echo of reality

  • A world in flux: One World in Transition updates will change the game in ways that reflect the wilderness and dynamism of a freelancer's home. The events in the game vary in size – from small waves to reality to monstrous fires that tear the sky. Regardless of size, risk deserves rewards …
  • Stronger together: As chaos grows, it will require more teamwork, smarter tactics and smarter cooperation to tackle the threat. Therefore, our "Together stronger" update is about improving the interaction between players and the social competition between freelancers in the world of the Hymn.
  • The Cataclysm: The culmination of the challenge and the burning of the desire of the freelancers A neo-liberal new Cataclysm appeared in the Jungle Nation of the Basle, and freelancers have to work together to decode mysteries, defeat strong opponents, and gain inconceivable rewards.


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